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Switch Tracks 7895 and 60238

I can't figure out why (for a long time) Lego includes 4 curved rails rather than 2 curved and 2 straight. In what configuration do you use 2 curved rails instead of a curve on the switched out rail and a straight on the continuing straight?


  • daewoodaewoo Member Posts: 793
    The rails come in stacks of four with two "nails" holding them together.  I'm pretty sure that's an automated process in the factories that would have to be undone to support what you are proposing.  I don't see Lego doing that.  That being said, I would have no issues if Lego actually did what you're proposing.
  • PeteMPeteM Member Posts: 445
    Yep, I do wonder if the mould is optimised to produce four rail sets at time - similar to how apparently the mould for the large train wheels produces two flanged and one 'blind' in one go...
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