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Lego Digital Designer keeps crashing

As the title says Lego Digital Designer keeps crashing. I've made quite large models in the past and it has worked alright, according to other people on the internet people have made much larger MOCs than mine and it's worked fine. However, pretty much any MOC over about 4000 pieces starts having problems.

As apart of a World Builder project (which is naturally made up of lots of MOCs), one of my files is 7276 pieces. I want to import another LDD file with some MOCs from another section of the project. I have already broken up my LDD file of the entire project into different LDD files, particularly for large buildings and that sort of thing.

Every time I try to import this LDD file (about 2500-3000 pieces I forget the exact number), to my 7276 piece file, the programme crashes. Sometimes it crashes the moment I import, other times I have been able to import and place the MOCs into the file. Then I delete the ones I don't want (it's literally just a couple of planes and old cars that I'm trying to import from this file), and am left with the small-medium sized MOCs I want. Then I click save and the programme crashes. I've tried many times now to no avail.

For both large modular buildings and this project (where I want to keep all my MOCs for this 'world' I'm building on the one file where possible) I need to have large part counts without problems. The 7276 piece file has mostly been working fine, usually the programme can handle lots of pieces individually to an extend, but any attempt to import another file crashes the programme.

I really don't want to have to rebuild the models I want in my main file (and I can't remember how I did it anyway).

Any suggestions on how to fix this?

Also, I would like some guidance on downloading and implementing the new 2022 parts that have been made available for LDD on Eurobricks. Will more new parts make LDD crash even more often?

Finally, if you're only recommendation is "Use Studio" then please don't bother posting. I've tried Studio, don't like it and find it very hard to use, and I'm asking about Lego Digital Designer.


  • EGRobertsEGRoberts Member Posts: 255
    I too love LDD over studio.. I am sure we aren't the only ones. Have you tried reinstalling the program (uninstall, clean out registry, fresh download and install)? Also never knew Eurobricks had new parts files for LDD, now I have to look into that! 
  • andheandhe Member Posts: 3,914
    If you only want a few of the smaller builds, would it not be better to save those as individual files first then import them, or are we getting muddled in our terminology? Does the original file crash when opening?

    Full disclosure, I am a studio user, and I often import LDD files into studio (as the majority of community made archive models are LDD). I wonder if you could import the file into studio (if its more stable?) then reimport it back into LDD?

    I'd be happy to try if you don't want to fuss with studio. 
  • BrickchapBrickchap Member Posts: 1,263
    @andhe I don't want to have to save each individual car, plane etc. as a separate file. I've already had to break up my project so that all my buildings are now separate files.

    Is it possible to import Studio files back into LDD? If you are willing to try that I would really appreciate it!

    I've always been open to using Studio for renders; importing my MOCs from LDD then rendering them. However, doing so means I loose all my prints (and Studio doesn't have a lot of the LDD ones which is just dumb), and since my main attraction is minifigures I don't want them not having prints.

    But the other even more concerning problem is that every single LDD file I've ever tried importing into Studio, no matter how small or large the file is, the model gets stuffed up.

    There are pieces missing everywhere and I've even had cases where bricks are turned sideways from what they are supposed to be (as in think of a wall of 1x6 bricks for example. Randomly in Studio one of those bricks will be turned 90 degrees opposite to the rest of them if that makes sense).

    Now I've checked the parts and in the majority of cases it's not because the parts don't exist in the colours I've used, usually they do exist, it's just that Studio chucks a hissy fit with imported LDD files for some reason.
  • ModeltrainmanModeltrainman Member Posts: 1,189
    @Brickchap, I'll help, too. My computer's built for games, so it can handle large workloads.
  • BumblepantsBumblepants Member Posts: 7,537
    I used to be but after they announced LDD was discontinued I decided to give it another try and 2.0 to be much more forgiving. 
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