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Has anyone incorporated a turntable into a build?

Lo1sJessLo1sJess Member Posts: 639
edited February 2022 in Building and Techniques
For example having the exterior front of a building able to turn and reveal the inside.  Thinking of expanding the Winnie the Pooh set by making some of Pooh Corner.  I’d like to have Rabbit’s burrow show the exterior which is mainly just a hole in the hill but also be able to turn around showing the inside without turning the whole scene.  Looking for advise and pics if you have done so and happen to still have the build.  Thanks Much!


  • pxchrispxchris Member Posts: 2,342
    Ooooohhh... if you're able to get something working for that I sure would love to see that! I thought that a scene of Pooh getting stuck in Rabbit's doorway would be a great build.
  • CymbelineCymbeline Member Posts: 554
    I haven't done it but it sounds like a terrific idea. Maybe looking at the instructions for one of the carousel builds might be helpful if Rabbit's burrow is large and too heavy for a simple turntable element.
  • cozycozy Member Posts: 157
    i built my death star #10188 on a lazy Susan turntable supported on 18mm ply so as i can rotate it with ease. hope this helps

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