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FS: (UK) Vintage Lego Technic Job Lot inc boxed 8856, unopened 8825, 8044 box, 8408 box and more

colaycolay Member Posts: 547
My friend and neighbour has been asked to help clear his old stuff from his parents house. This is all he found together of his old Lego. Mainly Technics, but, he was never really into it, so 8825 isnt opened and 8856 was opened but not built.

He'd like to sell this all together if possible, but didnt know where to start. I advised not to try FB marketplace and id try here for him first. Neither of us have the time to try and build or count the pieces etc, but, knowing him as I do, he's pretty fastidious at keeping things together. I will try and answer ay questions if you have any or better pics if needed, but am doing this as a favour for him.

There are also a number of instruction booklets and Lego flyer inserts and what looks like a catalogue from 1993

The money is going to go to his daughter for her to start saving for her new hobby.

Pricing is open to interpretation. I have seen a sealed 8856 on Bricklink for over £200 (we know this isnt sealed) He is open to offers, but it would need to be collected from Chilton, Oxon.

If anyone knows anywhere else to post this, feedback appreciated.

Thanks for looking.



  • colaycolay Member Posts: 547

    Apologies for lack of order on the photos, thats the way the uploaded
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