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(US) New Year's Collection Sale - Lord of the Rings + The Hobbit

jedivalkyriejedivalkyrie Member Posts: 376

It’s a New Year and I have decided to clear out some of my collection – to make room for more, of course!

Posting themes instead of a giant list. 

(My “For Sale” list is

All sets are complete with minifigs


  • Some sets have been built once, disassembled and stored in a Ziploc bag.
  • Some sets have been removed from the box and stored in their polybags in a Ziploc


  • Some sets are still in the box (box condition varies, ask if that matters to you) or polybag

Lord of the Rings

  • #30210, frodo with cooking corner, loose, $5
  • #50002, elrond, loose, $18
  • #79007, battle at the black gate, loose, $164
  • #9469, gandalf arrives, loose, $37
  • #9470, shelob attacks, loose, $55
  • #9471, urukhai army, loose, $112
  • #9472, attack on weathertop, loose, $128
  • #9473, the mines of moria, loose, $182
  • #9474, the battle of helm's deep, loose, $329

The Hobbit

  • #30212, mirkwood elf guard, loose, $11
  • #30213, gandalf at dol guldur, loose, $9
  • #30216, laketown guard, loose, $8
  • #50021, good morning bilbo baggins, loose, $8
  • #79000, riddles for the ring, loose, $27
  • #79001, escape from mirkwood spiders, loose, $45
  • #79002, attack of the wargs, loose, $97
  • #79003, an unexpected gathering, loose, $179
  • #79004, barrel escape, loose, $75
  • #79010, the goblin king battle, loose, $136
  • #79011, dol guldur ambush, loose, $35

Asking price is “Current Value Used” (Bricklink 6-month average). I am motivated to sell, so buy more and we can work out a deal!

Shipping is actual cost to you by weight from 38343.  For now, US only please.

Payment will be via Paypal friends & family only.  No trades at this time.

I have positive feedback both on the Brickset forum and eBay (619), so buy with confidence!


If you are interested send me a DM and I will honor first come first served and am open to negotiations.


  • jhonaljhonal Member Posts: 2
    Is this all items already discounted? or you may give with discount at the time of purchasing? 
  • jedivalkyriejedivalkyrie Member Posts: 376
    The list shows the BL used price, negotiable from there.  Make me an offer!
  • jedivalkyriejedivalkyrie Member Posts: 376
    Bump!  Come one, come all!
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