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(US) New Year's Collection Sale - Harry Potter! (2001-04)

jedivalkyriejedivalkyrie Member Posts: 376
edited January 2022 in Marketplace

It’s a New Year and I have decided to clear out some of my collection – to make room for more, of course!

Posting themes instead of a giant list. 

(My “For Sale” list is

All sets are complete with minifigs
     Some sets have been built once, disassembled and stored in a Ziploc bag.
     Some sets have been removed from the box and stored in their polybags in a Ziploc
     Some sets are still in the box (box condition varies, ask if that matters to you) or polybag

Harry Potter

  • #4701, sorting hat, loose, $20
  • #4702, the final challenge, loose, $24
  • #4704, the room of the winged keys, loose, $49
  • #4705, snape's class, loose, $38
  • #4706, forbidden corridor, loose, $46
  • #4707, hagrid's hut, loose, $44
  • #4709, hogwarts castle, loose, $109
  • #4711, flying lesson, loose, $10
  • #4712, troll on the loose, loose, $31
  • #4714, gringott's bank, loose, $53
  • #4719, quality quidditch supplies, loose, $53
  • #4720, knockturn alley, loose, $79
  • #4726, quidditch practice, loose, $18
  • #4727, aragog in the dark forest, loose, $21
  • #4728, escape from privet drive, loose, $47
  • #4729, dumbledore's office, loose, $69
  • #4730, the chamber of secrets, loose, $121
  • #4731, dobby's release, loose, $14
  • #4733, the dueling club, loose, $32
  • #4735, slytherin, loose, $22
  • #4751, harry and the marauder's map, loose, $41
  • #4753, sirius black's escape, loose, $68
  • #4754, hagrid's hut, loose, $63
  • #4756, shrieking shack, loose, $206
  • #4757, hogwarts castle, loose, $206
  • #30111, the lab, loose, $6
  • #30407, harry's journey to hogwarts, boxed, $4
  • #30420, harry potter and hedwig: owl delivery, boxed, $3
  • #75952, newt's case of magical creatures, boxed, $44

Asking price is “Current Value Used” (Bricklink 6-month average). I am motivated to sell, so buy more and we can work out a deal!

Shipping is actual cost to you by weight from 38343.  For now, US only please.

Payment will be via Paypal friends & family only.  No trades at this time.

I have positive feedback both on the Brickset forum and eBay (619), so buy with confidence!


If you are interested send me a DM and I will honor first come first served and am open to negotiations.


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