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Anyone use a mallet in building?

Lo1sJessLo1sJess Member Posts: 646
edited December 2021 in Building and Techniques
Looking for something to help ensure bricks and plates are fully seated particularly for baseplate build ups.  What, if anything, do you use?


  • karritkarrit Member Posts: 918
    I push with my fingers or the brick separator tool for leverage.  I would be afraid of cracking bricks using anything more forceful.
  • Switchfoot55Switchfoot55 Member Posts: 3,280
    Lois, I've always been curious about how others manage this as well. I watch shows like LEGO Masters and see most of the contestants using some form of small mallet to secure plates on larger displays. 

    I feel like there are a few users here that have gone this direction and can hopefully chime in with their recommendations!
  • FauchFauch Member Posts: 2,662
    they are building like crazy in lego masters, that may just be to not hurt their fingers
  • autolycusautolycus Member Posts: 1,427
    I’ve noticed on Lego Masters that sometimes you’ll see them using a jewelers mallet. I’ve been tempted to get one to try it out for big sets with large overlapping plates, but haven’t done it yet.
  • CCCCCC Member Posts: 20,526
    I use my hands. If you are building 1m+ high structures from 2x4 studs up bricks that are going to be transported and displayed where people may touch them, I can understand using a mallet. But for small,  intricate builds with any interesting SNOT work,  there is little point.
  • daewoodaewoo Member Posts: 795
    edited January 2022
    I use a rubber mallet when building MILs, especially when I'm adding the top plate layer.  Not much force is needed, just gentle taps are enough to seat them firmly.  I do it mainly to save wear and tear on my fingers.
  • lowleadlowlead Member Posts: 680
    Only to fix my computer.
  • Lo1sJessLo1sJess Member Posts: 646
    @daewoo MILs is where I was having issues.  @lowlead agreed!

    Thanks everyone for responses - always learning new things here.
  • AstrobricksAstrobricks Member Posts: 5,446
    You guys must really hate your Mothers-In-Law to be hitting them with mallets.
  • daewoodaewoo Member Posts: 795
    edited January 2022
    Well, my ex-mother-in-law deserved it sometimes.  :p
  • Sethro3Sethro3 Member Posts: 982
    You mean when I get frustrated with a build and the way it worked out in my head doesn't work out in real ;P
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