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US - For Sale/Trade 40483, 40452, plus more

wrangler6915wrangler6915 USA - Lincoln NEMember Posts: 527
I am interested in selling a variety of GWP’s that seem to have accumulated like a couple of rabbits on viagra…

Would be interested in selling, trading or a combo. For trades I am primarily looking for sealed train sets, any castle theme, LoTR/Hobbit, castle chess, medieval market village (used ok), Modular’s and pretty much any exclusives. 

I have the following…don’t judge lol; I already know I have a problem…

30628 book of monsters
40483 Luke’s lightsaber
6392343 camera
Metal VIP sign x2
40487 x3
40452 hog warts dorm
40416  x6
40337 gingerbread house
40221 x3
40448 x2
40486 x2
castle, pirate, octan coins PLUS the holder
40417 x2
40410 x4
40450 x2
40413 x4

please pm me if you might be interested in working out a deal. 

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As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.