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Fireheart’s LEGO Mancave items Sale (UK)

FireheartFireheart Suffolk, UKMember Posts: 631
As always I’ll list items on here before anywhere else.

I’ve said in the title that it’s UK only, but if the buyer wants to take the risk on shipping, as some of these minifigure displays do not ship that well, it’s a lottery even with the best packing. Thus UK buyers it’s collection (unless you want to take the risk on shipping)

Star Wars slim line minifigure display, 60cm x 25cm, imported from Germany; £350

there are 3 variations of this one, slim line 25cm deep, full size 40cm deep and full size mains powered. This is the slim line, same amount of figures as the other 2 variations, 25 figures, and Mandalorian speeder. From 2013

Star Wars 48” display, imported from the US; £500

This is a great display if you have the space, battery operated, has the minifigures and sound / vision display.
it does have one small crack in the plexiglass at the bottom, which doesn’t detract from the display. I’m amazed I managed to get it from the US and it’s in as good condition as it is. 

DC & Marvel 25 figure display imported from Germany £500

There are 2 versions of this, and this is the bigger (more minifigures) rarer one. Very nice display.

Star Wars X-Wing fighter motion activated display, VERY rare display imported from Denmark £500

This is a very cool display which has mains power (EU plug, so travel adapter required), plays the Star Wars theme whilst the x-wing flys up and down, which can be seen here;

Lego TV, hardened display screen that plays any loaded video on a loop via a USB key in the side. These are great, you can load any LEGO show, advert and play it continuously. Also has a remote control.
There is 1 new in box, never been out. £300, And 1 that was used in a Toys R Us (pictured display below), and I have added Star Wars adverts £200

Darth Vader official glued model, 1 of 32 made exclusively for a Belgium toy store chain, very desirable piece. Price on application. 

Weights over 20kg
Base 70cm diameter
Model height with out lightsaber included 80cm
Model height with lightsaber included 101cm

Minifigure for scale. 

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