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Nalydmerc: 'Ello there

NalydmercNalydmerc Member Posts: 6
edited May 2011 in Introduce yourself
Im from the USA and been a lego fan all of my life. I used to think I was the lego expert between me and all of my friends, but just recently i've stumbled across all of these sites like brick set, etc., and honestly, I feel like a noob! This ever happen to anyone else?

Anyway, I guess I could call myself a casual lego fan now beginning to turn hardcore. I've done things with lego all of my life, but now with all of these newfound resources at my fingertips, I will probably get into it as far as my wallet will allow, being that I'm only 16 and don't really have a source of income other than chores around the house. I live in NC on a livestock farm (Though i'm haven't completely taken on the whole country-boy thing =P) I'm also home-schooled and have done some extra-curricular things with lego, such as last year, when I won the County, Regional, and then State 4-H presentation competition for my presentation on Stop-Motion animation with Legos. I do a stop-motion video occasionally, and am sort of casual about it, not really using any high-end equipment, etc. but never really have much time to make many animations with the work around the farm. I hope to learn a lot about lego on the forum, perhaps even becoming the lego expert that I thought I was =P


  • PaulTRPaulTR Member Posts: 115
    Hey, it's really great to meet you! I'm alot like you: I'm 17, just found out about all these great LEGO sites last year (so yeah, I'm sort of a noob myself:), and I'm also homeschooled! I've got some cousins in NC, and I went to visit them in 2004; I really enjoyed the state! Just curious, how are the homeschooling laws down by you? In NJ (where I live), there are practically no restrictions, and the government doesn't make us take tests or anything. Actually, we have the laxest homeschooling laws in the nation; I was just wondering what kinds of hoops the gov. makes you jump through :) But anyways, welcome to the forum!
  • NalydmercNalydmerc Member Posts: 6
    edited April 2011
    Thanks =P

    The homeschooling laws here a a little more strict, but theres not too many obstacles: In order to homeschool, you have to keep a record of all of your grades and homework, and in order to graduate, I think you have to have it reviewed by a board and passed (not exactly sure, but I think thats how it works.) I still take the end of year tests like public school does, as well, though im not sure if its completely required. I still think homeschooling is a lot better than going to public school, though. Recently Ive been losing a lot of faith in the USA's public school system with a lot of the news stories Ive been reading.
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