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Buying Star Wars sets at retail outlets in NZ

TheBigGuyTheBigGuy Member Posts: 69
edited February 2012 in Shopping Elsewhere
Just wondering if anyone knows why we have to wait so long for some sets to be available at retail outlets (i.e. Warehouse, Toyworld etc) here in New Zealand. In particular, I have been told that two of the latest Star Wars sets (9494 & 9495) won't be available until April/May (despite catalouges saying Febraury). This is very frustrating, especially since it seems these sets have been available in retail outlets overseas for a couple of months.


  • BoiseStateBoiseState Member Posts: 804
    Probably the same reason we here in America have to wait 6 months for techno gadgets that Japan gets before us.

  • StuBoyStuBoy Member Posts: 623
    edited February 2012
    It is frustrating - we seemed to get the Superheroes sets not long after they were released overseas, but other sets we had to wait months for - the second wave of Kingdoms for example. It is strange that those sets you mentioned weren't released with the rest of the 2012 Star Wars.

    Maybe its something to do with limited shipping capacity - I inquired a month ago about when Toyworld will be restocked with road plates, and was told the next shipment is in April - so they're obviously limited to what and when they get stock.
  • TheBigGuyTheBigGuy Member Posts: 69
    I figure demand was a reason but I can't see why demand for some sets should be less in New Zealand than overseas.

    I think the two sets I mentioned weren't released with the other Star Wars sets is because they are exclusives.

    According to a guy I spoke to yeseterday on the LEGO customer helpline the main reason is the retailers themselves. For instance, 9494 has been delayed because the retailer wants it in their catalogues.
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