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Building Memories

kuwaharakuwahara Member Posts: 234
edited February 2012 in Building and Techniques
Following being reunited with Lego last year I've spent quite a bit on new sets, especially in recent sales. Still have quite a backlog to build.

However, had perhaps my most fun so far when my Mum dropped off a pillow sack full of my old Lego this afternoon. Didn't have loads when I was a kid, but with the help of this forum I've been able to get the instructions of the sets I can remember online for free. This evening I've so far completed the 1982 Post Office and 1983 Hamburger Shop.

Have taken a pic but posting from phone so will try and upload tomorrow if it doesn't work. Might not be much but to me it brings back great memories.

Have a fire station and some vehicles and space sets to go!

Thanks for all the info!!



  • ktmoktmo Member Posts: 73
    Isn't it fun. I am in the process of doing the same thing. Every time I go to my mom's I raid her attic and see if I can find anything new (okay, I mean old). It has been fun going through and finding all my old sets.
  • DougoutDougout Member Posts: 888
    That's funny, I just went to my mom's and found a giant tuperware bin full of legos in the attic. Some of the sets were left mostly built, but the rest are mixed together and it seems like a ton of work just to sort them. I am going to try and build what I have in the short future and I am still waiting for my father to send me my lego trains. I'm sure going through them all will bring back many memories.
  • mressinmressin Member Posts: 843
    Shouldn't have read this thread. Now I'm contemplating when I could next fly to my parents, ship my old Lego, and rebuild all my classic space sets...
  • OldfanOldfan Member Posts: 703
    Shouldn't have read this thread. Now I'm contemplating when I could next fly to my parents, ship my old Lego, and rebuild all my classic space sets...
    Funny, that's exactly what I did several years ago! Went to my mom's house for Xmas, and spent one afternoon going through all the Lego boxes my brother had stashed there. Packed them all up in my suitcase for the plane ride home and carried on two of those red storage cases full of parts (and got stopped in security when the old metal wheel axles pinged the xray machine...). Once I got home, I spent a month of evenings happily sorting away and separating my old sets from my brother's. I even remembered that the three red 2x4 bricks from 565 had some notches cut into the bottom of the tubes (circa 1975), and all three of those bricks were still in the pile!

    Anyway, my sets are now resting comfortably in my collection, and my brother's are boxed up and ready for him to come get them (or just bow to the inevitable and let me keep them!).
  • turtle1173turtle1173 Member Posts: 230
    I never had too many lego sets growing up but I did have a few. It was a great joy several months back when my dad found a few of my old Lego sets in the garage. He found the 1989 forbidden island set. I had everything in the box and overall it was in great shape. That sure was fun building again with my son. He also found the 1989 siege tower. That was great fun too. No, they aren't worth very much money but I'd never sell them. Can't really put a price on things like that.
  • madforLEGOmadforLEGO Member Posts: 10,760
    edited February 2012
    I found my old box of LEGO back in 99 which took me out of my dark ages (at a good time too).
    Then found the joy of eBay and BL in terms of finding missing parts, and cringed at the site of the old, dirty, some yellowed white brick...

    I had a decent number of small sets, but the larger sets, not so much of. I guess I took care of that when I bought every 80's set I could find, at a decent price anyway, or bought eBay lots with sets in them (back before eBay bulk auction prices went crazy) Also caused me to want to get into trains since I could never get the 7722 that was being sold.
  • BuriedinBricksBuriedinBricks Member Posts: 1,367
    edited February 2012
    I have been slowly sorting and filling in missing pieces from my sets growing up. I have most of the classic castle stuff done and have been slowly working on the space sets in recent weeks. I was happy to find I'm only missing a dozen pieces or so from my Megacore Magnetizer, which I look forward to building again once I get those ordered.

    The process is fun (and sometimes tedious), but it has helped me show some restraint in buying up new sets. Thank goodness BL is there to help me track down those pesky replacement parts on 20 year old sets.
  • tdhbrtdhbr Member Posts: 188

    Don't know if I linked the photo correctly, but anyway ... my mom saved all my old sets and instructions. When I first got that box out a few years ago, the kids went a little crazy. We had a town with 1970's hospital, fire station, police station, plus current (at the time) Speed Racer cars and Anakin's Starfighter, and assorted MOC's. All topped off with the ancient 565 Moon Landing beside 10179 Falcon.
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