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Motorizing: 31119 Ferris Wheel

My wife wants to motorize the #31119 Ferris Wheel. I’m willing to buy the pieces to make her happy, but don’t know where to start. Anyone have a suggestion?


  • rd1899rd1899 Member Posts: 210
    edited October 2021
    Here's a good video example, which has a parts list at the end.
    Do you have any spare Lego motors and compatible battery cases?  Because the main issue is cost, as the Power Function (PF) line is all discontinued, and its replacement, the Powered Up line, is frankly overpriced.  The PF m-motor set number is #8883.  The PF battery case set numbers are #8881 (Technic style) and #88000 (train style).
    Motorizing LEGO Ferris Wheel 31119
  • MorkManMorkMan Member Posts: 900
    @rd1899 that’s a great video. And I do have a battery box from a couple trains, but I’d like to keep them with them. Does the #8881 have anti-studs on the bottom? I am going to just buy a motor and battery box for Christmas for my wife. That’s a good easy gift… and ensure I have the gears as well…
  • gratefulnatgratefulnat Member Posts: 431
    @Morkman #8881 Battery box does not have anti-studs on the bottom, only the beams with pin/axle holes on the sides.
  • MorkManMorkMan Member Posts: 900
    Well I didn’t buy the motor and battery box. Thankfully she only Just Started to build it. I still have a bit of time…
  • CCCCCC Member Posts: 20,526
    Unfortunately those retired motors have continued to increase in price in the meantime.
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