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Rumored Star Wars Set?

TwoRiderTwoRider Member Posts: 27
edited February 2012 in Collecting
New member here, and I have a question.

On Wikipedia, under the Lego Star Wars page, there is a listing for a "Retake Theed Palace" set that is supposedly going to come out this year. Is it true, or has someone posted an unfounded rumor?


  • RedbullgivesuwindRedbullgivesuwind Brickset's Secret HeadquatersMember Posts: 1,935
    Havent seen anything about theed palace. It may well be thats the name for the gungan sub that is coming in the summer as the range of big set.
  • CaptAPJTCaptAPJT Member Posts: 223
    Possibly this is related to a level in the Lego Star Wars game?
  • TwoRiderTwoRider Member Posts: 27
    @Redbullgivesuwind, no. Retake Theed Palace seems to be completely different from the new Gungan Sub set.

    @CaptAPJT, that was my first thought, that someone had mistaken the video game level for an actual set.

    In any case, the set is still listed on Wikipedia. @Huw, can you confirm or deny whether the listing is true?
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