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A round-up of this year's 18+ sets Administrator Posts: 1,165,633
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A round-up of this year's 18+ setstable td { padding: 5px; } table { width: 50%;}

LEGO launched the 18+ branding during March 2020 to replace Creator Expert, and it now encompasses adult-oriented sets from other themes as well.

So far this year there have been 44 18+ sets released, containing a total 90,918 pieces. To buy them all at full retail price will cost you £5920 / $6524 / €6464.

I was in my local brand store the other day talking to one of the staff there about the amount of shelf space the range takes up, something like 20% of it, when he related a story of an elderly lady who came in to buy something for her teenage grandson. She picked up an 18+ set and asked “it says 18+: is it unsuitable for him?” to which he replied that of course it's not, there's nothing 'adult' about it.

Not only does the branding cause such confusion, but it also assumes that the customer is going to invert the usual meaning of 18+ 'not suitable for children' and understand it as 'suitable for adults', which does not necessarily follow.

LEGO has had time to assess the success or otherwise of the branding, so we may well see a change to the way adult sets are marked in future: perhaps the newly-coined term 'Adults welcome' will make an appearance on the box.

Anyway, after the break I have listed all of this year's 18+ sets, grouped by month of release. There have been so many that I for one have forgotten many of them already!

I think we will see two as-yet-unannounced 18+ sets launched next month: the long-awaited Ideas Home Alone set, which surely will be available this side of Christmas, and a large set released in time for the Black Friday/Cyber Monday event in November. Then it will start all over again in January with the new modular building...

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