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4000001 Moulding Machines

bkprbkpr Texas, USAMember Posts: 295
edited January 2013 in Collecting

I can't find any instructions or parts lists for the limited 4000001 Moulding Machines set. I'd've thought seeing this was a limited set (68 only I've read) without any custom pieces (I've read) there would be a high demand for people to cobble a set together from Bricklink.

Does anyone know where to find some instructions? I presume since I can't find any with a reasonable Googlé search that a) Lego is cracking down on any sites that supply instructions to this set, and/or b) owners don't want to give them out because it's so rare.

I just think it's an interesting and awesome set to be able to display. So Inception-esque :)


  • OldfanOldfan Chicagoland, IL, USAMember Posts: 672
    It's very possible that none of the owners have opened their boxes, and thus no inventories have been published, nor any instructions scanned. I can't imagine TLG would purposely censor an inventory publication, but they're under no obligation to provide one either...

    Having worked in the injection molding industry for several years, I'd love to have a copy of this set for my desk at work, too...although if my MOCing skills were any good, I could probably build one myself!
  • LegoFanTexasLegoFanTexas TexasMember Posts: 8,409
    Gee, did you have to remind me of that very cool looking set? :P

    Now I want one!
  • snowtygersnowtyger Member Posts: 47
    I think if I had money I'd try to do a tour...
  • The_Brick_BuilderThe_Brick_Builder Member Posts: 658
    edited February 2012
    ^ Wow, the reviewer got a box # 8 out 68. I can't believe he opened it. :(
  • LegoFanTexasLegoFanTexas TexasMember Posts: 8,409
    Yes, he did open it, but I'll bet he had some fun in the process...

    I think I would have opened it too, while in the long run it is worth more sealed, sometimes in life you just have to enjoy yourself...

    Otherwise, what's the point?
  • The_Brick_BuilderThe_Brick_Builder Member Posts: 658
    edited February 2012
    He could of resold it for maybe a few thousand?. :)
  • LegoFanTexasLegoFanTexas TexasMember Posts: 8,409
    800 parts? I doubt a few thousand...

    I would have paid a few hundred, and that's about it...
  • MatthewMatthew Cheshire, UKAdministrator Posts: 3,735
    No instructions I'm afraid, but you can access the parts list here:
  • 12651265 The Great State of TexasMember Posts: 1,005
    edited February 2012
    The instructions were posted in the link snowtyger provided.
  • GalactusGalactus NLMember Posts: 259
    I extracted the parts list from and submitted it to Peeron and BrickLink. There hasn't been an approval yet, but the one on BrickLink is visible:
  • bkprbkpr Texas, USAMember Posts: 295
    Awesome! Looks like a lot of work :S
    Is there a way to add that inventory to my wanted list in one go?
  • GalactusGalactus NLMember Posts: 259
    In BrickLink go to Wanted tab, Part Set tab, and follow instructions.
  • bkprbkpr Texas, USAMember Posts: 295
    Cool, thank you. Now I have the PITA job of sourcing all the pieces from as few sellers as possible :( I might hold off until we leave Malaysia later in the year to make it easier.

  • sirrich69sirrich69 Member Posts: 488
    Did anyone manage to get the instuctions for this set. I noticed sometime in June @huw posted the latest sets that had instuctions loaded to the LEGO website. Moulding Machines was one of them, however the link never worked for me. Did it work for anyone, or was it a mistake by LEGO to even put the instuctions out.

    Would be interested to hear as have all the parts now to build it.

  • CalvCalv Central EnglandMember Posts: 895
    There is an LDD version in existence at the URL below I'm not sure whether this one has been "reverse engineered". I have bricklinked the parts but not got any further yet.

    I also tried to find the ones listed on the Lego site, but although the links are there and the set listed in the database there is no file to download.

  • bkprbkpr Texas, USAMember Posts: 295
    As this thread's been brought up again it occurred to me: I'd pay someone good money* to put together a bricklink list of parts to make this set — and probably others. Maybe it's just me, but I find it difficult to find all the parts I need, within the least number of sellers/shops, that will deliver to me.

    The smaller MOC sets I've bricklinked in the past make me envy people who bricklink together sets like UCS Falcon. Surely there are spreadsheets involved?
  • GalactusGalactus NLMember Posts: 259
    ^ You might be able to use the automated bricklink cost-minimization program:
  • maquesmaques HungaryMember Posts: 96
    I just happened to BL/PAB/RO some of LEGO Brand Retail Stores and my next target was 4000001.
    However, now I have second thoughts doubts...
    BL-ing more-than-one of a set turns out to be a little more expensive than BL just one. It would worth to make a thread on it, I might later on...

    So some facts on the 4000001 then:

    - 761 elements in 181 lots
    - Total weight of all elements is ~720 grams [+packaging]
    - Would cost ~40+ USD counting with the best item prices currently on BL (worldwide), excluding shipping charges
    - ~95 USD on sold average (still excluding shipping charges)

    Rare - thus somewhat expensive - elements:
    Yellow Container, Crate with Handholds
    Light Bluish Gray Door 1 x 3 x 4 Right - Open Between Top and Bottom Hinge (New Type)
    Light Bluish Gray Door 1 x 3 x 4 Left - Open Between Top and Bottom Hinge (New Type)
    Dark Bluish Gray Plate 6 x 14

    Other common, but expensive items:
    Black Technic, Brick 1 x 16 with Holes
    Trans-Clear Panel 1 x 6 x 5

    Top 5 "most expensive" part lots
    14 x Trans-Clear Tile 1 x 2 with Groove
    16 x Light Bluish Gray Brick 1 x 8
    5 x Green Tile 1 x 8
    19 x Green Slope 30 1 x 1 x 2/3
    7 x Green Brick 1 x 8

    Hope it helps for anyone trying to BL one.
    And, if anyone in Europe wanting to BL more than one of this, count me in for one or two...
  • maquesmaques HungaryMember Posts: 96
    @bkpr, just use BrickLink's part out feature to part out the set to your wanted list, select condition (and quantity if want more), etc.
    Then you can start matching your wanted list agains shops' offer - manually or check out the
    Automated BrickLink cost minimization program
  • bkprbkpr Texas, USAMember Posts: 295
    Wow. Thanks for the info! I'll be looking to BL this set later in the year when (if) I move to the US. These links will come in super-handy! Thanks for sharing :)
  • bkprbkpr Texas, USAMember Posts: 295
    Righto, it's now official; I'll be moving to the US in a month or two. Time to get my bricklink hands dirty :) @maques parting out a set into a wanted list is fantastic! @everyone Thanks for all your help.

    I wonder whether I could get someone to scan the sticker sheet for me, so I could run a duplicate to complete the set. I'd make several and post them to anyone who'd be interested (providing this is legal, and I'm not sure it would be).
  • LegoFanTexasLegoFanTexas TexasMember Posts: 8,409
    ^ Why wouldn't it, it is just a collection of bricks, you can sell a collection of Lego bricks to anyone you want.
  • bkprbkpr Texas, USAMember Posts: 295
    edited August 2012
    I meant just the sticker sheet, not the bricks themselves. I just figured that scanning, recreating, and printing the sticker sheet would violate some sort of copyright.

    BTW, I'm moving to Texas :)
  • LegoFanTexasLegoFanTexas TexasMember Posts: 8,409
    Yes, the sticker sheet is protected by copyright.

    You can make a personal copy for your own personal use, that is protected by "fair use" laws, but selling copies is very, very illegal.

    Now, that being said, would TLG come after you for selling 5 or 10 copies for a nominal amount of money to people here? No, of course not. If you made 10,000 copies and made a serious business out of it. Yes, they would have to.

    I'm not a lawyer, so that isn't legal advice. :)

    I live in the Dallas area, you coming anywhere near here?
  • bkprbkpr Texas, USAMember Posts: 295
    Moving to Houston.

    Yeah, I'd probably do 10 or so, or whatever fits on a typical A3-sized sheet. I'd likely give them away for a dollar or whatever the postage would be.

    I just realised I'm gonna have to get used to US sheet sizes :)
  • andyscouseandyscouse Western MAMember Posts: 365
    bkpr said:

    I just realised I'm gonna have to get used to US sheet sizes :)

    Takes a little while after the sensible sizes of A4, A3, etc! The standard size here is called 'letter', which is 8½"x11", so fatter and shorter than A4. For the first few months I was in the US, letter-sized paper looked 'weird' to me ... 16 years later, A4 now looks kind of strange!

    They also have the awfully-named "legal" size paper (14"x11"). Used by scumbags (aka, lawyers) and banks for 'legal' (sic) forms.

  • CCCCCC UKMember Posts: 19,645

    so fatter and shorter than A4.

    It makes sense, conforming to the stereotype of everything and everyone in the US being fatter and shorter!
  • andyscouseandyscouse Western MAMember Posts: 365
    lol - but the basketball players are way taller!
  • LegoFanTexasLegoFanTexas TexasMember Posts: 8,409
    ^^ Now that is funny... :)

    The A1/2/3/4/5 sized papers make complete sense, like the metric system. Our US paper sizes make no sense at all, except perhaps for the 11x17 pages which is double a letter size.

    But really, we are kinda backward in that regard (among other things).
  • bkprbkpr Texas, USAMember Posts: 295
    Fun and games! Especially driving on the 'wrong' side of the road ;)
  • bkprbkpr Texas, USAMember Posts: 295
    Resurrecting this thread because:

    a) I now live in Texas, and
    b) I BrickLinked all the pieces for the Moulding Machine this morning!

    So, to get back to my earlier request, does anyone have a scan of the Moulding Machine sticker sheet? Or even a decent quality photo? I'll be able to recreate it to the best of my ability and have them printed onto clear adhesive sheets (like I did with these) provided the moulding machine stickers have clear bits. Naturally, I'd print a bunch off and send one to anyone who wants one for cost and shipping.

    Does anyone know anyone who has this model and has opened it and hasn't stuck the stickers down? Or even if they have I reckon I could still reverse engineer them from pics of the stuck stickers.

  • LegoboyLegoboy 100km furtherMember Posts: 8,829
    @bkpr - Is this any good if you can't find a decent scan?
  • bkprbkpr Texas, USAMember Posts: 295
    edited January 2013
    Thanks for the link, but it looks to be taken from the original here:

    I could make the sticker from this source to an extent, but not completely. I've just contacted the owner of the set to ask for a closer pic of the instrument panel which is not very clear. Hopefully they'll be sympathetic to my request. I've also asked where the black Arburg sticker goes 'cos I can't see it on any photos (I assume it goes on the smaller moulding machine).

    I think if I can get a better reference and eventually make the sheet, I'll make it on clear sticker vs the way the originals came. The originals have brick-coloured backgrounds which match the bricks they get stuck on — see the area around the yellow hazard signs and the green around the Arburg logo. I won't be able to colour match accurately, so I'm thinking clear would be better than slightly off-coloured stickers.

    Here's hoping things fall in to place.
  • bkprbkpr Texas, USAMember Posts: 295
    edited January 2013
    …if things don't fall into place, I could design the instrument panel based on actual pictures of the moulding machines:
    (4mb file size)
  • bkprbkpr Texas, USAMember Posts: 295
    edited January 2013
  • bkprbkpr Texas, USAMember Posts: 295
    It's on. I'll still be recreating it sometime in the near future. Once I'm done and sorted out printing etc I'll post a note here asking if anyone wants one.
  • LegoboyLegoboy 100km furtherMember Posts: 8,829
    Thank you for sharing this. I'm definitely up for a set once you've sorted it.

    Following your link to the flickr account, I found this:-

  • sirrich69sirrich69 Member Posts: 488
    @bkpr I would also be interested in a sticker sheet PM sent.

    I have also bricklinked the parts.
  • doriansdaddoriansdad CTCMember Posts: 1,337
    I have been after this set for a long time but cannot find it for sale anywhere. Thanks for your efforts in producing a sticker sheet for the community!
  • USMCYodzUSMCYodz Member Posts: 93
    @bkpr Would definitely be interested in a sticker sheet if you get it all figured out. And welcome to the wonderful USA
  • stevenzhangstevenzhang Member Posts: 489
    @bkpr I have been looking for this sticker for a long time! Please, I would love to hae one :)
  • Russell844Russell844 California, USAMember Posts: 2,073
    Please count me in too!
  • bkprbkpr Texas, USAMember Posts: 295
    Lots of interest! I have a fried tee'd up to produce the stickers for me around mid to late Feb at the same print shop which did my Lego Steve Jobs stickers.

    When it gets closer to that date ill take down the details of people who need a set over a period of a week. I know I'll screw something up if I begin to take names now :( ill miss something or forget someone etc. better to condense it to one time.

    I'll reply back when things get going!

    In other news, I've copied (and ordered parts for) the green and black base from the Flickr user with the good sticker sheet graphic I linked to earlier. I really think it gives the model a special display quality. I can export the LDD file/parts list if anyone wants it.
  • bkprbkpr Texas, USAMember Posts: 295
    Flickr builder 1103spa has graciously posted a pic of his Moulding Machines base after I asked if he would show it to me. He's also given me permission to share my LDD model based on his base.

    Download my LDD file at this Dropbox link: (~450kb)

    In the zip file are two versions of the base which differ in the construction of the bottom section. There are JPGs which show the differences, and LDD files and exported parts lists for both versions.

    See 1103spa's original photo here:
  • LegoboyLegoboy 100km furtherMember Posts: 8,829
    edited January 2013
    ^ I really appreciate sharing your work with us. Thank you.
  • bkprbkpr Texas, USAMember Posts: 295
    No worries. I should probably mention I'm not a good builder, or any sort of builder really — I occasionally stumble across MOCs with instructions and build them :)
  • GothamConstructionCoGothamConstructionCo Colchester UKMember Posts: 782
    ^ You're still a builder, that's all that matters. :-)
  • bkprbkpr Texas, USAMember Posts: 295
    Heh, the eternal optimist ;)
    I'm a sucker for clever sci-fi builds. Currently have ordered pieces for _Tiler's minifig-size Batman tumbler, his Mini-sized one, and Larry Lars' micro one.

    -[email protected]/6911347894/
    -[email protected]/7611261194/
    -[email protected]/8267237290/

    So good. So clever.
  • beegeedeebeegeedee Galway, IrelandMember Posts: 380
    I put together LDD files for the 2 machines. The instructions are not clear as they aren't rotated so a few parts are missing but only a few. I've not shared them though as I don't know the legality of it, the instructions not being generally not being available and all.
  • JosephJoseph Member Posts: 651
    edited January 2013
    beegeedee said:

    ... the instructions not being generally not being available and all.

    But they are:
    1265 said:

    The instructions were posted in the link snowtyger provided.

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