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Brickit app?

rcb1882rcb1882 Michigan, USAMember Posts: 10
edited July 2021 in Everything else LEGO
A friend of mine pointed this app out to me a few minutes ago. I recall seeing a review on some LEGO blog/website of a Kickstarter-esq project that purported to do single piece identification but didn't do too good of a job at it. This seems to be light years ahead of that. A quick search of the Brickset forum archives didn't turn up any hits for "Brickit", which surprised me a bit given that the app appears to have been since at least December 2019. Just curious if folks here had any experiences with it.

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  • bricktuarybricktuary Krakozhia (temporarily stuck in London)Member Posts: 949
    I've just tried it - it seems to work pretty well, although it doesn't seem to match colours when it gives you the build ideas.

    Very clever though, and fun.

    I think it will work well as inspiration for making little models with the kids, if nothing else. Just now I made a little house and a silly giraffe thing.

  • AstrobricksAstrobricks Minnesota, USMember Posts: 5,271
    A friend sent me a video clip of this working. It looks impressive, but I figured my old phone would probably choke trying to run it, and I’d have to dump a bunch of parts out all mixed up then just have to sort them again later! Maybe it works even better on knolled parts :)
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