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How to efficiently shop on Bricks And Pieces and online Pick A Brick?

FireFox31FireFox31 NH, USAMember Posts: 100
Your input was so helpful in learning how to efficiently shop on BrickLink.  Now I'm curious how to shop on Bricks And Pieces and Prick A Brick.
How are these services different?  What range of parts are available on each (ie: only in current year sets)?
Can we easily get minifigures, animals, printed parts, and other desirable parts in bulk?  Is this where BrickLink sellers get huge quantities of parts, perhaps speculating that they'll appreciate due to low production?
Why use these when BrickLink seems easier to use?  PaB can be browsed but BnP appears like it can not.  How do you easily find part numbers to search for?  I try BrickLink, but there seem like multiple numbers for each part (one is a mold number and one is mold + color number?).
Thanks for your help in understanding and mastering these two services.


  • karritkarrit USAMember Posts: 389
    If you know a set # you can enter it for BnP and get a listing of all available parts for that set.  PAB is very limited, usually around 1420 different elements.  A lot of parts are cheaper through PAB than BnP but not always.  I tend to search BnP by set # then if there is a particular part I want to see other color choices I'll search using the design ID rather than the element ID.  I also tend to have at least three windows open when searching  One so I can pull up set numbers from the main shopping page, one to search specific sets in BnP and I use a separate page to actually enter items in my bag.  If I open a 4th window it's to check for specific parts in PAB to see which is cheaper.  BnP has listings for most sets even if they are no longer being produced but the available parts become more limited the older the sets are.  There is another website: New Elementary that publishes a list of new parts with their element ID each month that a lot of people use to search out which of the newest parts are actually available to purchase from BnP.  I think the limit on purchases of a specific part are 200 per order but you can order multiple different parts in each order.  First time I tried to get the Tan Horses I was only allowed to order 4.  I don't know if that was all that was left in stock or if they were actually limiting them at that time.
  • mustang69mustang69 North CarolinaMember Posts: 528
    One thing to note about BnPs is that it's very glitchy. It's best to try to get everything in your bag in one fell swoop. If you try to add things to your cart and then try to edit your BnP order, it could end up with losing everything and having to start over.
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