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FS: SW UCS, Modulars, IDEAS, Winter Village

lkliment2lkliment2 ChicagoMember Posts: 182
Hello all,

I have an interesting lot for you all today. My uncle works for an insurance branch that deals with salvage claims. A man had a house fire and claimed his LEGO collection as smoke damaged – although it is not. All the same the collection consisted of a great deal of bigger sets and I have been tasked with offloading them.

While there is no smoke damage, some parts do have discoloration. Additionally, as the insurance company apparently didn’t care much about the condition they left the sets in, many are broken down and probably missing parts. I HAD prices in mind before I was able to see them in person, but PLEASE make offers – I am not expecting to achieve these prices. I will be going in this coming weekend to try and reassemble, to the best of my ability, all the sets I can. In the meantime, I wanted to let you all know that I have these sets available. I will also follow this post with some preliminary pictures so you can get a better idea of what I am talking about. Should have better pictures come weekend. Please assume no figs, box, or instructions unless otherwise noted. Everything is to the best of knowledge after more or less briefly seeing it in person. Again, I will have a better idea this weekend should there be specific concerns. Please PM with any inquiries!

21109Exo SuitAppears complete with figure$20.00
41611Marty McFly and Doc BrownSealed (box damage)$25.00
10024Red BaronStickers in bad shape$150.00
10174UCS AT-STLots of discoloration $150.00
10197Fire BrigadeNo figs$275.00
10210Imperial FlagshipAppears to be complete with figs $600.00
10212UCS Imperial ShuttleNo figs; lots of yellowing$450.00
10218Pet Shop$150.00
10222Winter Village Post OfficeSealed (box damage)$200.00
10229Winter Village Cottage$125.00
10235Winter Village Market$100.00
10240UCS Red-Five X-Wing StarfighterMissing small parts from bottom wing exhaust$200.00
10243Parisian Restaurant $150.00
10244Fairground Mixer$125.00

10259Winter Village StationOpen box, sealed bags$100.00
21108Ghostbusters Ecto-1Appears complete with figs$60.00
3451Sopwith CamelStickers in bad shape$60.00
71006Simpson's House$200.00
71016Kwik-E Mart$200.00
7195Ambush in CairoAppears complete with figs$40.00
7197Venice Canal ChaseAppears complete with figs$25.00
75059UCS Sandcrawler$275.00
75525Baze MalbusSealed (box damage)$5.00
76060Sanctum SanctorumSealed (box damage)$20.00
7620Motorcycle ChaseAppears complete with figs $15.00
7622Race for the Stolen TreasureAppears complete with figs $60.00
7682Shanghai ChaseAppears complete with figs $50.00
7683Fight on the Flying WingAppears complete with figs $90.00


  • lkliment2lkliment2 ChicagoMember Posts: 182

  • lkliment2lkliment2 ChicagoMember Posts: 182
    Those came up out of order... oh well
  • lkliment2lkliment2 ChicagoMember Posts: 182
    Also, I’m located in the US and prices do not include shipping
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