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Marvel Disney+ Collectible Minifigures?

JasoMacJasoMac Member Posts: 24
I saw a rumor that there may be a set of Marvel Collectible Minifigures based on the Disney+ shows and today's leak of the Sakarran Iron Man armor based on a What If? episode confirms that they will be making products for these shows. This suggests to me that a series (probably more than one series) of Marvel collectible minifigures are very likely, so what may be in them? Whether there would be 12 or 16 figures it seems like this would be pretty easy to do with just the shows that are currently out or will be soon (Wandavision, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Loki) without even needing to dip into shows further down the pipeline (like What If?). Although if they do make these figures I'm sure I will be disappointed at what they don't include, the following seem like an easy include (spoilers for these shows below so read with caution if you haven't seen them):

Wandavision: They need at least one Wanda and Vision so the 50's version seems like the most iconic to represent this series and the most different from the prior versions. A White Vision would also seem like a good choice (though maybe not if it were only 12 minifigs in total). Perhaps more than any other character, we need an Agnes. I would prefer two honestly, a smirking neighbor Anges (possibly also in 50s attire) and an "Agatha All Along" version from the last episode but that might be a bit much. Monica seems like she would need her own figure but if she is going to play a big part in the future maybe she would get one from a future set. I would love a Jimmy Woo and a Darcy figure, neither of them has gotten one from previous movie appearances. Fake Pietro and the kids would be nice too but that might be pushing it, especially if the kids play a role in Doctor Strange 2 and we might get them in a set there. 

If they do any sets, I would be very interested in a Wanda and Vision's House set, particularly if it included pieces to modify it for several different eras. This would also be a way to get a 50's Wanda/Vision/Agnes (perhaps other versions as well, probably 80s for contrast, it could include the kids and Sparky!) but this would be a $150+ set and I don't know if there is enough demand for a niche product like that, even one based on a very popular IP. 

Falcon and the Winter Soldier: You would think they would include a Falcon and Bucky in their normal combat attire but those aren't hugely different from previous appearances. They would obviously need a "Captain America Falcon" figure, a John Walker Cap figure would also be a no brainer. They could make a US Agent John Walker but we only briefly see that at the very end. A purple masked Zemo (perhaps two heads since he only wears that mask in one scene) would be another obvious choice. If they're going to do it, I guess they should make a Karli figure, the Flag Smasher mask is very distinctive and it would be cool if there was a way to add it to a figure rather than being printed on the head to represent all her faceless followers. Figures for Battlestar or Ayo would be fun but I don't think they would go there. 

This show moved around a lot more than Wandavision so I'm not sure what sets they might make, maybe the fight on the semi-trucks (could end up pretty large if they included Falcon, Bucky, John Walker, Battlestar, Karli and one or two Flag Smashers along with sufficient space for them to fight) or maybe something with the vans from the finale. 

Any thoughts on what might or might not/should or should not be included if they do this?


  • NatfireNatfire KnowhereMember Posts: 15
    There's a leaked (rumoured) list that's been floating around for a little while that contains 12 figures.

    If I remember correctly it contains the following:

    WandaVision: Wanda (Scarlet Witch attire), White Vision, Monica Rambeau.

    Falcon & Winter Soldier: Sam (Captain America), Bucky (new outfit).

    Loki: Loki, Spoiler (and a spoiler accessory).

    What If...: Peggy Carter (Captain America), Zombie Captain America, Star-Lord (T'Challa), Spoiler, Spoiler.

    I'm unsure of how to write in spoilers so I've just put the word to avoid any potential surprises given the Loki and What If... are yet to release. The figures in What If... that I've named have been shown in official promotional material.
  • JasoMacJasoMac Member Posts: 24
    I appreciate the spoilers, I have enjoyed watching these series with as few of them as possible. If that list is accurate, I would certainly be disappointed but still interested. The lack of an Agatha/Agnes would be very surprising but I don't know what kind of lead time they need to make these things, this list may have been set a year ago before anyone knew how strongly audiences would react to that character. Similarly, the lack of any villains from F&WS is a bit of surprise but I guess kids are more interested in the heroes (are kids really purchasing collectible minifigures?).

    I left Loki and What If off my list since those haven't aired but I would think pretty much every episode of What If could generate at least one minifig, given its premise. You could easily do a whole set from just that show, given that I'm a little disappointed they may be taking up so much space in this one but I suppose these are all unique, probably interesting characters, as opposed to almost everyone else on this list who already has at least one figure.
  • NatfireNatfire KnowhereMember Posts: 15
    Given the leaks regarding the existence of two What If... sets, it appears as if we will be getting a great variation of characters.

    Also I heartily agree regarding more villains e.g. Agatha, Zemo, but I assume that the heroes would be far more popular.
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