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UK - Selling BUILDS ONLY from 2021 Harry Potter sets - Hogsmeade, Chamber Of Secrets, Polyjuice etc

BacktoBricksBacktoBricks UKMember Posts: 43
edited June 2021 in Marketplace

Hello everyone :)

I currently have some of the June 2021 Harry Potter sets ordered and on their way to me:

Hogwarts Chamber Of Secrets

Fluffy Corridor

2 x Polyjuice Potion Mistake

Flying Lesson



I no longer have the room to keep every HP set, so I thought I’d see if anybody would be interested in purchasing the main castle builds from the sets (I want to keep the figures/creatures/wizard tiles).


I hope I’d have them all by the end of first week of June and be able to ship them by the middle of June the very latest, so if you don’t want the sets on release day and just want the castle builds to add to your collection I hope this might suit you.


I live in a smoke and pet free home if that matters to you.


Chamber Of Secrets - I will be keeping all the minifigures / their accessories, the pixies, basilisk and the wizard tiles.


Fluffy Corridor – I will be keeping the minifigures / their accessories, the Fluffy build, and the wizard tiles so just selling the castle section.

Polyjuice Potion – again I will be keeping the minifigures / their accessories, the alternate hairpieces, polyjuice cup and wizard tiles, so just selling off the bathroom build. I will have two of these.


Flying Lesson - again just selling the castle build section. Will be keeping the figures, rememberall, and wizard tiles.


Hogsmeade - selling both shops with side builds.



I know you can buy these builds split from the sets from ebay sellers, but I hope that without ebay fees I can offer someone a good deal. I have a lot of ebay experience, but have not signed up to their new payment system so not sellihg on there. Will consider selling individually or altogether.


If you live in mainland UK, would be willing to pay by Paypal and are interested then let me know. :)


  • BacktoBricksBacktoBricks UKMember Posts: 43
    edited June 2021
    Chamber Of Secrets castle only £60
    Fluffy Castle build £12
    2 x Polyjuice Bathroom build £12
    Flying Lesson build £12
    Hogsmeade builds £35

    All prices include shipping. Would be open to offers if you want the lot. :)
  • BacktoBricksBacktoBricks UKMember Posts: 43
    £100 for the lot if anyone is interested.
  • BacktoBricksBacktoBricks UKMember Posts: 43
    Weekend bump. 
    Chamber Of Secrets now £50
    Hogsmeade £30


    £80 for all the lots.
  • BacktoBricksBacktoBricks UKMember Posts: 43
    All now sold. Mods if you want to close this thank you. :)
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