How do you sell LEGO locally?

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I was wondering, what a person should do if he/she wants to sell LEGO locally without the help of the Internet or a physical store? I know the conventional methods of placing an Ad in the local newspapers, magazines and the likes could work. But if the person does not have a physical store for customers to visit and wants to operate from their house, would could be the best ways to advertise in a very tight budget. Maybe printing a customized newsletter, brochure, a flyer with some attractive products...any ideas?

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    I think people in the US use Craigslist a lot, but that to is an internet site..
    Id rather not, something about meeting strangers in person to exchange money just makes me think something can go wrong.
    9 times out of 10 this would probably never be the case, I know. It just weirds me out.
    I guess another interesting places to sell would be a communal toy sale, flea market, or even Brickworld (as I am in IL) or other LEGO shows.
    But usually you will get your highest visibility with Bricklink Ebay or a online classified site (like Craigslist)

    You may be able to go to your local toy stores (not TRU type, but a local store) and ask if you can post something in a window (like a flyer) or maybe at a hobby store as well, as long as you are not competing for sales at that store that is.

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    ^I have bought and sold many items off of Craigslist in IL and have never had an issue. Not that it can't happen. It is is comforting though if you are packing:). JK! Don't try that in IL, "we", but not I:), are the most firearm hating state in the country. Only state now without concealed carry. :(
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    I am wayyyy away in Pakistan by the way. Just wanted suggestions on how to sell locally using conventional methods and not just the Internet only.
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    well, I would imagine local culture, customs and such are quite different in Pakistan than in the US, so afraid I don't have much to offer.
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    Well, I would first ask you what sorts of methods are available in Pakistan?

    Without using the internet we have a few options here in the US....

    1) flea market or swap meet
    2) garage sale/yard sale (this is basically selling from your home by putting a sign out on the street; some cities require permits to do this, others don't)
    3) advertise in a paper or other print media... locally we have something called the Pennysaver or the Recycler

    Can't really think of any other methods.... :o/
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    Door-to-door used LEGO sales? Someone try it and report back.
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    ^Isn't that basically Craigslist?
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    I have not tried selling locally, but Craiglist would be my method.
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    You could put a magnetic peel off sign on your car. Advertising when you drive around town.
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    You could hang LEGO sets on the inside of your trenchcoat, then fling your coat open whenever you walk up to a prospective buyer.
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    One option is to host a LEGO event/show, with MOCs and sets on display. Charge for admission. You could then also sell sets and minifigs at that event.
  • kufkuf Member Posts: 66
    Lower investment option is to have a booth at a kids sport events or other event where your target market will be present.
  • OdinduskOdindusk Member Posts: 763
    DaddyDeuce wins the thread. Love thinking about some dude looking all shady and walking up to a soccer mom:

    "Psssttt... *flashes open* ...want to buy a Death Star? Your kids will love it."
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    Hahahahaah. @Odindusk you crack me up buddy.

    Great ideas @sidersdd and @kuf, but LEGO is not that big for a event/show over here. But stalls could work. Hmmm.
  • DaddyDeuceDaddyDeuce Member Posts: 272

    "Psssttt... *flashes open* ...want to buy a Death Star? Your kids will love it."
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    Probably not an option for you, but I sell at Roller derby bouts! About 10% of our audience is kids (slightly bored kids). Outlay is quite low, and I'm going anyway, so it doesn't matter if I don't sell a lot. But it's picking up. I can imagine selling at sports events where there's other market stalls (there's not just me selling stuff) could be good. Or craft fairs. I'd imagine you'd do well if you could target expat craft fairs - rich bored housewives with kids to amuse?

    What I sell is quite small btw, mostly polys, figs and small sets - impulse buys of course. And custom minifigs.
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    But I do like the trench coat idea! ;)
  • OdinduskOdindusk Member Posts: 763
    haha, probably the last option I could have ever conceived of. Selling LEGO-things on the side at roller derbies... wow. Good job.
  • CoolsplashCoolsplash Member Posts: 935
    Great advice @Savage_Steel, but we don't have such derby bouts over here :P
    I was basically thinking about newspaper flyer, and trying to get some stalls in some shopping malls and putting up some LEGO stuff on display to sell. The Friends theme will sell really good along with Star Wars and Super Heroes. But only the smaller sets and nothing big. Would need lots and lots of posters though, I wonder....
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    @odindusk & @daddydeuce, thanks for making me laugh this early in the morning!
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