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BrickLink seller verification

Has BrickLink lost their minds?  

I used to be a seller on there years ago but I stopped for a while. I recently decided to open my store again and of course my account was deleted and I had to start all over, which is fine. 

But they want me to email a photo of my driver’s license or passport to some unknown email address??  And then even if the DL address matches my BL account it can’t count for both my ID and my address so I need to send them some more personal info...are people just ok with this practice.  Seems insane to me. I’ll probably just stick to eBay I guess. 


  • AleyditaAleydita BelgiumMember Posts: 948
    Too many scammers. Ebay will require similar if you're a trader.
  • DB361DB361 UKMember Posts: 290
    I've not been able to find the specific legislation, but I believe there's now some sort of European law (I presume from the EU?) regarding online accounts that require various sites to verify users' age if what they're trying to access is 18+. Seller accounts on martketplaces (so Bricklink, eBay and almost anywhere where you can buy and sell goods online) fall into this, as well as YouTube accounts if you've said you're over 18.
    I've had a request from eBay for ID - nothing from Bricklink, YouTube or anywhere else as yet. Not sure if Brexit means UK users are exempt? I must admit, I had the same reaction as the OP when eBay first messaged me (and even suspended my account until I did provide ID), but it was only when it came up as a topic on a Jangbricks live stream which made me aware of the specific issue.
  • BladosBlados Spain, MurciaMember Posts: 3
    I needed to pass an ebay verification as well as I wanted to sell some old goods of Lego that were left by my son. However, my real Spanish number was not accepted somehow. I do not know why actually, as technical support did not answer me. 

    So what I did was a usage of a virtual number connected to ebay using this link. And it worked. 

    Maybe you should try to change your phone number? Plus, bear in mind, that the verification process is very important, especially in online trading. It was created in order to prevent terrorism and other stuff.. 
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