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LegoBloggerLegoBlogger Guest Posts: 4
edited May 2011 in Introduce yourself
How can you not Love Lego?
I used to collect Lego as a kid some many years ago,
I had every single Lego City Set as they were released I just couldn`t get enough of the stuff.
Then i remember the Lego fad kinda went out of fashion In Ireland, were I`m From.
I was delighted to see Lego make a come back in this country and only wish I had all my Lego sets now,
I would happily Build them all back up :(
Pity really...As close as i can get to owning Lego Today is to run a blog Lego V.I.P Lego Club and it`s actually this blog that has inspired me to start blogging myself. Cool Cool Blog I just love it.
Please GODS of disposable income please please shine on me so a grown man can have his LEGO CITY AGAIN :)image


  • PaulTRPaulTR Member Posts: 115
    Nice to meet ya! My younger brother visited both Southern and Northern Ireland last July with his drama group, and he loved them! His fave part was your countrymen's delicious meat pies :) I hope you can snag some of your old City sets again!
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