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Interesting Leak: R2-D2 Snowman for sale on eBay

brickupdatebrickupdate Member Posts: 1,020
edited February 2012 in Collecting
Someone seems to have gotten a hold of the R2-D2 Snowman from the upcoming 2012 Star Wars Advent Calendar, and is selling it on ebay:

Looks interesting. Wonder how they got it. Price isn't really that bad for a figure that won't be on the market for another 6 months or so.


  • prevereprevere North of Bellville, East of Heartlake, South of Bricksburg, West of Ninjago City Member Posts: 2,922
    Weird too that it's out of MD, and not Hong Kong or Denmark. Back in the fall, somebody from Canada was selling a few of the new Joker a few months even before Comicon.
  • y2joshy2josh Member Posts: 2,002
    I'd be pretty willing to bet this was acquired at Toy Fair New York.
  • brickupdatebrickupdate Member Posts: 1,020
    By "acquired," does that mean "stolen?" They weren't giving these out as any kind of promo that I heard about.
  • y2joshy2josh Member Posts: 2,002
    By 'acquired' I mean "I have no idea how this guy got ahold of this, but since I don't want to blindly accuse someone of stealing, I'll just vaguely say 'acquired.'" :D
  • DaddyDeuceDaddyDeuce Member Posts: 272
    edited February 2012
    Why does R2 have two carrots painted on his chest?

    Edit: Nevermind - I get the joke.
  • y2joshy2josh Member Posts: 2,002
    I e-mailed the seller to find out how they obtained this piece about three days ago and have, as of yet, not heard back. So, I'm calling this at least a little shady. Would LEGO be able to shed any light on this, or would it not even be worth their trouble?
  • LegoFanTexasLegoFanTexas TexasMember Posts: 8,409
    If I were the seller, I wouldn't reply to such a request either...

    You know he shouldn't have it, he knows he shouldn't have it, anyone who will really buy it doesn't care how he got it.

    So anyone asking, is either just a tire kicker, or someone from Lego trying to figure it out. Hence, you'll never get a reply.
  • y2joshy2josh Member Posts: 2,002
    I was more curious as to whether or not it was a legitimate Toy Fair handout or not. Having not received a reply, I'm assuming it's not.
  • vedder1029vedder1029 Member Posts: 78
    Interesting... this guy is located only a few miles away from me.
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