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So here's my induction!

BricklessBrickless Member Posts: 10
Hello Everyone,
I been a member on since 2016 and I finally decided to participate in the forum. I'm not much of a typer but I will try my best to introduce myself.

My nick name is Vad and I live on the East Coast. I been a collector of toys, comics, action figures, statues, Legos and a few other things for about 25 years off and on. So since this is a Lego forum and Lego is my favorite thing to collect. I figured I'll join and hopefully be able to share to memebers what I enjoy so much about these little plastic blocks and I hope to learn a few new things from others as well.

Well collecting has always been a hobby for me and I been doing it along time. I have alot sets. I buy them to build and some I buy to be boring and leave in the box. I also buy alot of used Lego lots from Craigslist and garage sales. But mostly I get alot of my stuff from the Lego Shop. I have decent size collection of both open and sealed Lego items from classics to the newer themed sets. My personal favorites are the DC Comic and Marvel themed and of course the Star Wars themed. Im also really enjoying the new Nintendo stuff being released and any and all Minifigures lol.

Sorting Legos...
Like I mentioned before I buy some used lots. Witch for me not only feeds my collecting adiction but also is a great way for me to relieve some stress and forget about real life everyday B.S.. Digging thru a huge box of mix Legos finding minifigures, rare parts and colors, power function parts and retired pieces is like hidden treasures. So to me it's a great past time I can do when my kid is building sets. I'll just sit there and sort with him untill he needs some help on the newest thing he's building. Because of course in his eyes I'm the Lego Master Champion! And I can do anything Lego. LOL

My Lego Room.
So early this year when my son got more into Lego. I decided to dedicate a room in the house to our mutual hobby. The entire room is 100% for Legos only. It's still a work in progress but getting there slowly. Unfortunately I have my job getting in the way of me finishing it up 🤣. I custom made all the furniture in the room (woodworking is also a hobby of mine). The Lego part storage areas, the display cabinets and the work desk (a.k.a the crafting table according to my Minecraft obsessed kid) were all made specifically for this room to size and functionality. You can see the rooms progression and full descriptions at:
@brickless on Instagram

More Lego!
I also really enjoy making MOCS. Another great site I use is Making mine and other Lego fan's MOCS has become another reason I enjoy Lego some much. It's amazing what people can do with these things. Such talent! There really are some works of arts out there.

Well I hope I thats a good enough introduction for myself. I look forward to hearing people's comments and questions if any. And I very excited to contribute to this forum. 



  • YellowcastleYellowcastle Administrator, Moderator Posts: 5,234
  • BricklessBrickless Member Posts: 10
    Thank so much. Happy to be here. 
  • pxchrispxchris Member Posts: 2,384
    That's some great looking organization you've got.
  • BricklessBrickless Member Posts: 10
    That's only one wall. For such little parts they take up a lot of room. Lol
  • 560Heliport560Heliport Member Posts: 3,872
    Welcome! I do wonder about your name... you appear far from brickless! :)
  • BricklessBrickless Member Posts: 10
    Yea it started as a joke from my friends. They were so used to me hunting down Legos if I ever got something else, they would say "Wow! You bought something without a brick count on the box".. So it just kind of stuck with me.
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