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Build/photograph Lego MOC Meme for compensation?


I am a new member to the forum and Lego hobbyist. I hope this is an appropriate question to ask for the form.

Is anybody interested in building and photographing a small MOC project for compensation or knows somebody who is? The company I work for assigned me with a task to come up with a Lego meme. I tried myself and failed miserably.

Here the idea: build a meme representing manual work versus automated work (we do IT software automation). Build 2 Lego scenes, first with a guy pulling a hand cart with more people/ minifigs pushing the cart and stuff/1x1 plates falling off (representing manual work) versus second scene with a truck driven by a single person with stuff neatly stacked (representing automated work). Details and compensation negotiable; at the end I only need the picture.



  • DeMontesDeMontes Member Posts: 745
    What about the second one being neatly stacked items on a conveyor belt with the operator sitting with his feet up having a cup of coffee while the items move along 😜
  • bernd113bernd113 Member Posts: 2
    i like the conveyer belt. even better!
  • DeMontesDeMontes Member Posts: 745
    It could be moving the items up a slope with the conveyor belt performing the automated work and then the manual side is the hand cart or people lifting/dragging the items up. I can see that visually working. 😉
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