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Recommend flower MOCs for Mother's Day

FireFox31FireFox31 Member Posts: 265
edited April 2021 in Building and Techniques
Hello.  I'd love to build my Mom a Lego flower arrangement for Mother's Day but the official sets like #10280 are sold out.  Can anyone recommend instructions for good MOCs, hopefully which don't require parts from these new, unavailable sets?  I only know Rebrickable for MOCs, so are there other sources of good instructions?
I'd really love James Zhan's Orchid Ideas submission if those instructions are available.  Rebrickable user tmunz has a flower collection I might try, but requires the #10280 stems.  Thanks for your recommendations.


  • benbacardibenbacardi Member Posts: 712
    The stems from #10280 are available on BnP if you need them for a MOC. 
  • FireFox31FireFox31 Member Posts: 265
    Great, thanks.  I was worried they were rare and expensive.
  • FireFox31FireFox31 Member Posts: 265
    I've never used BnP so perhaps I'm doing something wrong.  I can't find the 32L Technic axles by searching for 50450, 13927, or 6329299.  I also can't find the 3L connectors by searching for 26287, 42195, or 6330196.
    Bricklink has the 32L axles for about $2 each but that's a bit much.
  • CymbelineCymbeline Member Posts: 563
    @FireFox31 both parts are available on BnP. Are you perhaps entering the part numbers on the line reserved for set numbers?
  • FireFox31FireFox31 Member Posts: 265
    Oh, I was shopping at Pick A Brick.  I didn't really know BnP was separate.  Now I do.
    "Bricks & Pieces purchases are taking about 5-7 weeks to be delivered"  Nope, won't get here for Mother's Day.  And Rebrickable estimates that the quite nice flowers by tmunz containrare colors, thus cost about $15 - $40 per flower.  I couldn't afford a nice arrangement at that price.
    Maybe a mural out of 1x1 which are now so popular.  Darn, I want to send my Mom something which combines both of our interests.

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