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60117 - Caravan Question

I just built this and I don't understand part of the floor of the caravan.  The 2x4 area with the red handlebar/seat back removed.  Why not just put a normal chair?  It fits just fine when placed at the foot of the bed with the yellow cup to its left.  Then you have a 2x2 area to put anything.  Besides the bed, the interior is poorly done.  Lastly, the back could have been reduced by a 1x2 brick giving even more room.  I don't understand this construction decision.

None of the reviews mention any of these issues, so perhaps I'm being picky but I noticed these flaws immediately as I was building it.

Anyone agree?


  • NateMN2020NateMN2020 Member Posts: 41
    Meh, the only camper/caravan interiors I’ve felt looked good were the creator one #31052 Vacation Getaway, and the VW Camper. Both are scaled significantly bigger. I feel like it’s just hard at City scale to make good use of that small of space. But I agree with some of the suggestions you make for changes. 
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