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Hi from Holland - And a question about an update request to a 4 year old incomplete brick list


I'm Luke, have been building Lego about 45 years now. Technic is my favourite. The past few years I was a bit busy, did not get round to Lego, and now I'm catching up.

To start, I saw the 40th anniversary Technic review.

So, not owning the 3 required sets (I do however have the 8860) I decided to use the linked list and order the 566 parts. Some days later I received the shiny bricks and I started to build.

Unfortunately, the list is not complete, so I ended up ordering the missing 7 parts (some quite crucial, not the typical old school Technic bricks I have). 

As I'm sure I'm not the only one who will still (4 years later) stumble upon this great article, how do I go about suggesting the author changes the rebrickable list link to this one, which IS complete (573 parts in stead of 566)?

Yes, I've also tried to report the incomplete list to Rebrickable, but I've only got to level 2 there, and need level 3 to submit an incomplete list (doh!), so I've not been able to do that yet...

Hope this helps somebody!

Best regards,



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As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.