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Making a Wanted List for a specific build of a set in Bricklink

BrickchapBrickchap Member Posts: 1,260
Im wondering if there is an easy way to make a wanted list for a specific part of a set?

Theoretically one could try using the instructions however to go through every step and record which parts are used is very time consuming, especially if the required section of the build is quite large.

For some smaller builds its relatively obvious but others its not as easy. Sometimes you can distinguish by colour (eg Shanghai chase all the tan and white parts would be used for the Auburn roadster and youd ignore the black parts) or if something is really obvious like if your building a building then its likely you wont need the windscreen and wheel parts but it would be helpful to just have one list for one part of the set and not have to go through and manually work out and then remove irrelevant parts.

So for example, in set 60198 say I just wanted the parts required to build the locomotive and crane rather then a full list of every part included in the set. (that is purely an example)

I recall trying to get parts for the City Hospital set that I missed out on in 2018, but I was unable to easily distinguish what parts went into the side builds of the ambulance, helipad, helicopter etc. So when working out if I needed say 20 1x6 bricks in white, I didnt know how many were used in the actual building and how many may have been used in the ambulance.


  • CCCCCC Member Posts: 20,526
    You can check if the section you are after is listed as a special assembly on bricklink, or if someone has created an appropriate format file for the section elsewhere that can be imported.
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