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Missing set: #14 Space Mini-Figures

LusiferSamLusiferSam Member Posts: 571
edited February 2021 in The Database
Set #14 Space Mini-Figures seems to be missing from the database. I've been searching for it and can't seem to find it.  I'm left to conclude it is either missing or seriously tagged wrong.  This is an obscure service pack/supplemental set that only [email protected] had from the early 80s and sold for a brief period of time.  I don't believe any sealed examples are known in the collectors community.
This should not be mistaken with #0014 Spacemen Mini Figures.  While they are similar in that both at mini figure pack from the 80s with Classic Space figures and having similar numbers, but they are very different sets.  #0014 has two yellow spacemen and was only sold in Canada in a blister pack.  #14 had four spacemen and was likely only sold in US via [email protected]  Like #15 it is only known from a single illustration on the back of a catalog.



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