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Trouble saving login - Google Chrome

I have a new laptop and clean Chrome install, but cannot login to the forum.  I click Sign In, enter my creds, check the Remember checkbox, then Ok.  It refreshes the screen and goes back to a non signed in forum.

Cleared cookies, etc. with no luck. 

Any suggestions?

Side note, I logged into the main site with no issues.


  • Speedman29Speedman29 UKMember Posts: 2,119
    I have a signing in issue as well. Chrome on my laptop has signed me out of the forum. But I can never get the dialogue box to put my details in. A massive Nintendo advert covers it completely and there is no way to clear that.
    You can see a sliver of the log in box at the bottom of the ad.

    Logged in on my phone with no issues. Can you help @huw
  • HuwHuw Brickset Towers, Hampshire, UKAdministrator Posts: 7,014
    Yes--install an ad-blocker ;)
  • bricktuarybricktuary Krakozhia (temporarily stuck in London)Member Posts: 947
    I had the same issue. I can get around it by logging in from any page other than the Forum homepage; by scrolling down the banner ad shrinks sufficiently, but obviously not ideal.
  • Speedman29Speedman29 UKMember Posts: 2,119
    I ended up just lining the mouse up in the space I needed to click and rapid jabbing as soon as the page begins to load. Got it on the 3rd attempt!

  • SumoLegoSumoLego New YorkMember Posts: 15,013
    ^^ After I accidentally logged myself out - I found this solution to be effective.  I clicked on one of the threads and was able to log in.

    Aggressive ads, for sure!
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