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Roller Coaster 10261 - Any good fixes to the running issues?

I'm about to buy the #10261 Roller Coaster, but have some reservations about the running mechanism. Lots of people complaining how it doesn't run freely, or if it does run, it isn't long before it stops running. Has anyone got either an alternative solution to the mechanism or found fixes for all the issues (i'm thinking it would be good to fix it whilst I build it).

Issues I have read about:
  • Cranking mechanism can be extremely hard to turn
  • Cranking mechanism appears to catch
  • Wheels at top to help car along the straight don't function as they should
  • Mechanism has noticeable signs of wear over a period of time (flecks of plastic)
  • Cars do not run freely on the tracks (axle/wheel problems/weight)
  • Tracks can misalign over time
Let me know if you've come up with any solutions to any of the issues. I did read someone thought the top mechanism that drives the tyres should be separate to the rest of the mechanism, as it puts unnecessary strain on the whole, but never saw a solution to this.



  • panchox1panchox1 The Outer RimMember Posts: 718
    Interesting. I bought and built one last year. I've not experienced any of those issues. I've not installed motors into it yet.
  • Yellowcastle2Yellowcastle2 U.S.Member Posts: 47
    Mine works well but I’ve had to play with some of the connections a bit over time.  I also have a motor now permanently affixed.
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