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For Sale Slopes, Railings, Arches.... Mansard... Queen Anne and Modern Ranch Houses...

IstokgIstokg MichiganMember Posts: 2,070
edited February 2012 in Marketplace
As the Brits would say I was burgled.... someone broke into my house... didn't find anything of value (computer and TVs too old, and I don't leave Jewelry or money lying around).... but the burglars must have thought that I was hiding wealth in my LEGO boxes, and they emptied a lot of drawers in my basement, some of which haven't been emptied in nearly a decade (we're talking cupboard drawers, not storage systems).

Anyway... I found a lot of slopes and arches put aside for a project long ago that I never did build. Don't think I'll have the time for it either. So.... I put it in my Bricklink store, and priced them among the lowest on Bricklink.

Check it out... also found some more windows... even the kinds for the roof (4x3x4)...

Funny thing is that the burglar spent so much time looking thru all those LEGO cupboards, drawers and boxes (they never did dump them out mercifully), they didn't have time to find my most valuable items in the house... a pair of figurines worth $1800 each that I got in Germany for $12 each back when I was 15... of course today they're like me.... an antiquity.... ;-)

Of course today TVs VCRs (DVD players) and home computers aren't worth burgling any more... note to self... don't buy a lap-top. When I found that nothing was missing from the house (no destruction of any kind either)... it brought a smile to my face because I was thinking about my favorite BritCom (British Comedy)... "Keeping Up Appearances".... when Hyacinth... incessed that she was never burgled because they had nothing to steal at her house commented... that "they broke into house 23 down the block twice in 3 months... how pretentious!" ;-)

Of course here in the USA we don't say "burgled".... we say "robbed", "broken in" or worse... "ransacked"... LEGO.... "the time consuming burgling prevention system"....


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