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SNOT Base Method

evanceltevancelt Boulder, COMember Posts: 20
edited February 2 in Building and Techniques

I got started on a new pirate/imperial MOC yesterday evening and thought I’d make a little tutorial as I went about how to make a SNOT (Studs Not On Top) base.

This is how far I got in about 90 minutes, will post again when I make more progress.


1. Make the shape of the base with plates. You want to end up with a 2-layer thick shape made of plates. I think it looks most natural if you only ever shift the edge border by 1 stud at a time

2. Once you have a 2-layer plate, add a layer of bricks on top, but leave a 1 stud empty space around the edge. That’s where SNOT bricks are going to go

3. Place SNOT bricks around the outside. On the corners, use SNOT bricks with 2 studs on adjacent sides. If you need to buy SNOT bricks in bulk, yellow ones are pretty cheap on BrickLink. When done, you’ll have a base that is 5 plates tall (2 plates + 1 brick). That 5-plate height is important, because 5 plate height is exactly the height of a 2x plate on its side

4. Attach 1x and 2x plates to the SNOT sides. You’ll need to build up the sides with more plates to make the border transitions smoother.

5. Place plates on top of the base, covering the SNOT bricks. This will start the visible part of your building base and also make the SNOT bricks secure.

That’s as far as I got in one 90-min sitting!

I love that this SNOT base is super sturdy, which comes in handy when I'm moving it back and forth from my building area to a kid-proof storage area.

I also love your imagination is the limit when it comes to shape!

Hopefully this little tutorial helps others get started with it.



  • evanceltevancelt Boulder, COMember Posts: 20
    Made some more progress on the edges of the base, adding more plates, tiles, and slopes. Not sure how much more I’ll end up adding to the edges at this point. Time to start focusing on the top!

  • CCCCCC UKMember Posts: 19,557
    This isn't really a SNOT base. It is a STUDS UP base, just with a little bit of SNOT for the border around the edge.

    Your technique appears to be a bit wasteful in SNOT brick usage. You don't need anywhere near as many studs to build the border off of. The bit bottom left, you have two 1x1 with adjacent studs, and another four studs in the middle. Then you stick a 2x6 over the whole thing. You can get away with putting any cheap bricks in the corners (or leave them out completely), so long as there are 2-3 studs, they will hold that 2x6 plate. The same with the in-fill brick, you don't need to cover the entire base with bricks, so long as the layer of plates has some studs to clutch to then you can get away with leaving many gaps. And leaving gaps means both less bricks are used (so you have more for where you actually see them) and, importantly for big displays, a lower weight for when you are moving it.

  • evanceltevancelt Boulder, COMember Posts: 20
    Hi @CCC - Good tips re: being wasteful. I'm sure a lot of it could be pared back to use fewer bricks for those with smaller collections. Not really an issue with my setup, though, as I have lots of bricks and it isn't huge. I do carry it back and forth from my build area to a kid-proof storage area during the build, so I want it to be as sturdy as possible for those moves.

    RE: SNOT base... this is indeed not a base that is built entirely from sideways bricks, but it does use SNOT bricks on the edge to make studs come out the sides! I think SNOT (Studs Not On Top) doesn't mean you can't have studs on top, just means there are studs that aren't on top!
  • CCCCCC UKMember Posts: 19,557
    edited February 4
    When I think of a SNOT base, I think of a base where the main construction is not studs up, where there is a substantial sideways build. Such as this:

    So in your case, the edging is SNOT work but the base itself is fully studs up.
  • evanceltevancelt Boulder, COMember Posts: 20
    Cool example base. Yes, my tutorial base above is just SNOT on the edges
  • evanceltevancelt Boulder, COMember Posts: 20
    Some images of the final build

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