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Trade/sell (UK,WW) Random sets and promos

brickedinbrickedin London, UKMember Posts: 560
Hello all,

As part of the ongoing battle that is organising the collection i have a few bits that need to find new homes. All of the below are sealed, i can provide pictures if required. Happy to trade anywhere in the world although the current farce at UK borders means this has become more expensive.

Batcave #6860
Doc ock ambush #6873
Green lantern vs Sinestro 76025
Green lantern poly 
Tears of batman #30607

Hidden side drag racer #40408
VIP set #40178
Space rocket ride #40335
Vintage car #40448
Train promo #40370
Classic space #5002812 ( the seal has come away, but contents untouched)
Classic pirate #5003082
Mini beetle #40252
Teal brick #6346102
fountain #40221
iconic cave #5004936

Random stuff

Stormtrooper LEDLITE
Monster fighters hearse #9464
CMF complete sets series 17 and 18 (with policeman) sealed.

I would prefer to trade although i realise my want list is mostly big sets and star wars figs which limits this somewhat. I have not put much thought into prices but if no trades are on offer i will figure that out. Here are my want lists.

I have a fair bit of feedback in the marketplace thread. Any offers by PM please. Thanks for looking.



  • brickedinbrickedin London, UKMember Posts: 560
    Just a bump to add a couple more things and some prices. I have interest in the promos to which i can also add a year of the Ox (although not in hand yet).

    All sealed, prices do not include shipping. I think these are below Ebay and Bricklink but feel free to correct me:

    Batcave #6860 £60
    Doc ock ambush #6873 £65
    Green lantern vs Sinestro #76025 £20
    Monter fighters hearse #9464 £60

    also have

    Doc ock tentacle trap #76059 £45
    Creator corner deli #31050 £50

    Thanks for looking


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