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A Question for Owners of 7018 Viking Ship Challenges the Midgard Serpent

gt7319cgt7319c Member Posts: 33
Hello, I recently acquired a previously-owned set #7018, and I used the Bricklink parts list for the set to confirm I had all of the pieces.  Bricklink says that there are supposed to be three pieces of part number 48170 (Brick Modified 2 x 2 with Pin Hole, Rotation Joint Ball Half (Horizontal Top)) in dark green included as extras, but the set I purchased did not have them.  The pieces are not referenced in the instructions that came with the set, but I imagine they would have been used to make the serpent take on a horizontal serpentine shape as opposed to the rearing sea serpent depicted in the instructions and box art.  This set is the only one to feature that part number in dark green, according to Bricklink, but I noticed that the handful of Bricklink shops selling this piece in this cold are located outside of North America.  Was the inclusion of these extra pieces a regional exclusive?


  • NateMN2020NateMN2020 Member Posts: 41
    Vikings sets in general were limited in North America (the main page for this set in Brickset says so). 
  • KungFuKennyKungFuKenny Member Posts: 2,368
    Interesting question- the Brickowl part list doesn’t include that part and the instructions on don’t include it in the build... the fact that all of the sellers of the part in Dark Green are outside the US does point to a likely regional variant...
  • LusiferSamLusiferSam Member Posts: 573
    I don't recall #7018 having these as extras.  Nor do I recall anybody mentioning this at the time.  Currently my copy is packed away and if there were any such extras they're in a spot not easily accessible at the moment.  I can check in a few days if need be.

    I think this represents a factory error.   Just like there are sometimes missing elements, sometimes the wrong elements are packaged.  Sometimes these are caught in house and the correct pieces are added after bagging.  Based on a contemporary review on Eurobricks this looks to be the case.  One of the photos shows the set just unboxed, but still bagged.  The correct 48171 pieces are clearly not bagged.

    Later production runs, the North American release, may have corrected this error.  This might explain potential regionality. 
  • gt7319cgt7319c Member Posts: 33
    Thank you all for the responses, and especially for the link with the unboxing pictures @LusiferSam!  I think the factory error makes sense, which would make those dark green 48170 pieces fairly rare.  It’s the little variances like this that makes collecting LEGO so interesting!
  • icey117icey117 Member Posts: 510
    Suddenly felt the urge to unpack my Viking boats. Got them second-hand, practically unused and way to cheap. ❤️
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