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New road plates on modular

PhoenixioPhoenixio Member Posts: 274
edited January 2021 in Building and Techniques
With all the hating on the road plates, I bought a pack and decided to give them a try on the latest modular, Police Station.  I simply replaced the baseplate with four 16x16 regular plates, and then changed the color of the connecting pieces to match the sidewalk  border.   I think the result is fantastic, and I'm surprised I didn't see any pictures like this around.   Could be nice to see these techniques highlighted on the main site!  Plus, the 2x4 light grey pieces can be replaced by 3x2 to make use of the road signage pieces that come with the road plates!



  • pxchrispxchris Member Posts: 2,343
    Jangbricks had a good video showing how to incorporate the new road plates alongside existing buildings of various types including the modulars built upon baseplates.
  • PhoenixioPhoenixio Member Posts: 274
    Not a bad video, but raising regular base plates with foam is really not in the spirit of building Lego...  And promoting the use of non-Lego knock offs is also a bit unusual.  Whereas my version is 100% legit Lego products, had no warping whatsoever, and also highlighted the sidewalk border pattern I find quite alluring, while making everything solidly connected.  People were complaining that it was long changing the base plate to regular plates, but I'm hoping pictures like the one I provided can convince people to make the move.
  • daewoodaewoo Member Posts: 795
    Lego misses the market on a number of things (especially in the trains world) and so 3rd parties have (thankfully) stepped in to fill the void.  If one wanted to raise the level of all their modulars to fit the new road plates, then using Lego would be expensive, so I don't see any reason not to use something else to do the trick, especially when it won't even be seen.  That being said, I want to brick build roads when I finally have room for my city.  Go figure.  :D
  • PhoenixioPhoenixio Member Posts: 274
    I understand that some people might not want to make the effort and would rather look for alternatives, but this is a good product that feels very satisfying once you switch from baseplates to regular plates.  I'm certainly not the only one that likes baseplates but always found them annoyingly not System.  The warp induces by uneven foam is just crazy to me, with a system of interlocking bricks that otherwise matches perfectly with everything...  

    And it seems like there's a lot of resistance from the base plate community, where they prefer sidewalks the size of the street, to an actual road piece that matches very well once you plate everything.

    Whatever people think, I'm definitely investing in some of those road plates, and I certainly hope there'll be more products in the line.  And since it just requires rebuilding the first floor of the modulars (and not all of it if you're careful), it's not that much of a pain.  Not that building Lego is a pain anyway; isn't it what we're all in it for?
  • CCCCCC Member Posts: 20,526
    Looks good to me. Although if large area DBG tiles ever dropped in price, I'd go for those over the new road plates. Even more customisable, for not too many parts.
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