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Review: 41449 Andrea's Family House Administrator Posts: 1,224,946
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Review: 41449 Andrea's Family House

Since the Friends theme launched in 2012, each of the Friends has had a set dedicated to their home. We started with 3315 Olivia's House in 2012, continued with 41095 Emma's House in 2015, 41314 Stephanie's House in 2017, and 41369 Mia's House in 2019. In its tenth year, the run of Friends houses is concluding with 41449 Andrea's Family House.

This set does have a few firsts for the line: all the previous houses have had only the named minidoll and her parents in the set, though in some cases older siblings are referenced. In this set, we meet not only Andrea's parents but her baby sister, Liz. This set also includes Stephanie. While it would make sense that the Friends would be at each other's houses a lot, this is the first Friends house set to include a second Friend. The name is also a bit different in referencing the set as a family home as opposed to just one of the Friends.

Those who are interested in new recolours for pieces will love this set - the bay windows caught my eye right away. Read on for more on this intriguing set.

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  • SeijiAmasawaSeijiAmasawa Member Posts: 264
    Not big on Friends since there are so many themes ahead of it in the queue but this caught my eye as I was browsing [email protected] earlier this morning. What a coincidence that here’s an article to convince me some more to buy it. 
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