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Re 810 Town plan

Hi all. I'm new to this site but I have just purchased a vintage 810 Town plan set. It was not complete but over a period of time I have now completed the set apart from a red VW Beetle which I have yet to purchase. What I need to know is what do these sets sell for if complete as I have enough parts to complete another 810 Town plan which I would like to sell to get some of my money back. All the parts are complete including bumpers on the VW beetles. The rear doors on the van and every brick, window, door, and parts in the correct colours. The box and street plan are in very good condition. The discoloured plates will be sorted for nice clean white ones later. Many thanks. Yours John.


  • madforLEGOmadforLEGO Member Posts: 10,788
    Check completed listings on eBay or the price guide for that set on bricklink.

    Paging @Istokg or @LusiferSam in case they have a better knowledge of what they are worth.
  • IstokgIstokg Member Posts: 2,363
    Nice looking set... all the parts in good condition.  It is not important for one of the VW Beetles to be red... Wrexham Wales British LEGO Ltd. plant often just used the vehicles that they had.  This particular version dates to 1964-65... still has the Bedford Trucks, and the trees/bushes have the hollow bottoms.

    We need to see the outer box top and the Town Plan board to really get a feeling for value.  Good to see all of the inserts.
  • johncardinjohncardin Member Posts: 4
    Hi all again. Here are some photos of the box and plan board. If someone can give just an estimate as to the value I can build up the second set to sell as its in the same condition. Many thanks John. I bought the inserts seperately. Box is in play worn condition but pretty good.The play board. Also in pretty good condition hardly used. Just a bit of fading on the left upper green square which I'm told is common with these sets.

  • DeMontesDeMontes Member Posts: 745

    theres one on eBay at the moment that is similar condition, currently at £599 with a week still to go...

  • johncardinjohncardin Member Posts: 4
    Many thanks for all your help. The one for sale will be a good indication as to what these sell for. I have saved it in my watched list. Its the first complete one I have seen on ebay. Mind you they say its the UK version but the road signs are European? Mine are UK so mine could be worth a bit more as its correct according to the brick link contents list. As some one said that the VW Beetle colours can be random my set is now 100% complete and with no broken, lost, warped, or replaced parts. I will wait to see what the set goes for in anticipation.

  • johncardinjohncardin Member Posts: 4
    Talking about this set has anyone noticed two major mistakes in the Town plan set. Number 1. If you check all listings including the official Lego listing there are 5 1X2X2 7026bc01 windows and yet if you look at the main building plan and photos of the buildings the hotel has 13 of these fitted to the front top floor. Even if you go to the next plan on page two one building has as far as I can see 22 of these windows. What's going on! I have included the extra 17 windows required in my set so you can build the pictured hotel. Number 2. Also all listings show there are 9 red 2X10 long beam bricks for the hotel roof. Well I have counted and calculated that you would require at least 19 of these to complete the roof. I have also included the extra bricks to complete the hotel. either Lego have made a mistake or the listings might wrong. I know the pictures are only suggestions but some one somewhere has made a cock up. What do all of you think!
  • ShropshireShropshire Member Posts: 654
    another option is to see if TLG want it for their historical collection, I did this a while back with some sealed sets from 58-65 which they snapped up but they were new/sealed so I don't know about used.
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