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Online Mosaic Maker Specialised on the Lego Art Sets

Hi everybody:

Over the Holidays, we played around with our new Lego 'The Beatles' Art Set. We wanted to use it to build our own mosaics. After trying some available resources for mosaic making, I ended whipping up something new that specialises on the limitations of the Lego Art sets. See:

It is different from all the other lego mosaic makers out there along two dimensions:

  • It has a conversion function that optimizes the automated conversion subject to the limited tile sets of the different art sets. While it cannot do wonders on images that use a very different color space it does a reasonable job on most images.
  • It allows manual editing of the (converted) mosaic wile keeping track of the tile count.

In addition, It offers building instructions for download that help to convert the converted mosaic to the real thing. 

I am posting this here in case anybody finds it useful for their own projects. Code is on Github and if you are interested in the internals, you can read more about it here: Happy to receive any feedback that you might have. 

Thanks, Joachim

See below: Keith Richards made from 'The Beatles' Art set based on an automated conversion of Keith's twitter handel

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As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.