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New Years Eve Build

Did anyone else spend new years eve, (or old years night, as we say here in Scotland), building Lego? I started my Ideas Treehouse. I am an intorvert and hate the new year festivities, so would normally be in alone and  I was staying up anyway to order Police Station. I also ordered (bonus) Sping Festival, which I wasn't expecting to be available in the UK until the 10th. All in all, it was one of the best new years I have had in a long time. The treehouse is almost finished and is an interesting build. 


  • truck730truck730 Member Posts: 364
    My build allowance was overnight for December with advent calendar and SS so today is a clean slate but backlog is growing , I'm loving the Hidden Side -even if Jack is repeated, so shrimp boat might be 2021 opener. And 2glasses lightweight was tired yesterday
  • snowhitiesnowhitie Member Posts: 3,076
    edited January 2021
    I was building part of the T-Rex of the Jurassic World set. Really enjoyed it.
    Also stayed up to buy lego, although the rest of my family was asleep :) got the new HP books.
    Glad you had a nice new years even [email protected] the treehouse is a great build indeed. And it looks amazing too!
  • vanvonfullvanvonfull Member Posts: 260
    I finished ship in a bottle & started a mars shuttle city set & turned in at 10ish.  

    The days of partying until 4am On NYE are long gone. I’m Watching baby monitors rather than ball drops. 
  • TheOriginalSimonBTheOriginalSimonB Member Posts: 1,771
    I rebuilt #10252 VW Beetle to help keep awake.
  • BrainsluggedBrainslugged Member Posts: 2,199
    The days of partying until 4am On NYE are long gone.
    I really hope you're speaking personally and aren't referring to the entire planet! Fortunately I'm too old and my kids too young to feel like we missed out on too much this year.
  • mic27mic27 Member Posts: 15
    It's not a tradition for me, but I did build this NYE. I had gotten the CNY sets over the summer(?) when they came back in stock and since they weren't quite in the right season, I gave them to myself for Christmas (via my parents and my cat). So I built those on NYE. I know CNY is not the same as this calendar New Year, but it was still very cool to be able to build some sort of similar celebration. It was really nice too, because between the building and other festivities (aka watching a movie lol), it took me the whole day and I was building right up to midnight. I'm not sure I will make it a tradition, because I do usually hang out with some of my friends, but I did have a lot of fun and am not opposed to doing it again! 
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