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Mario golden coin (GWP?) status

timmeyhtimmeyh BelgiumMember Posts: 20

just posting this topic to gather some more intel on the mario golden coins which were announced as a gwp when wave 1 was announced. End of august it was said that the gwp was postponed/cancelled (don't know the current status hence this topic).

However on the HK toysrus site you can still purchase a mario coin scratch card as it is still marked as "new arrival".

I know this might be a long shot but has anyone heard of people buying this/ winning a Mario coin?
Or any update on this gwp at all? 


  • kevinlevinskevinlevins ItalyMember Posts: 8
    It's a promo gift that comes with purchases over 500 dollars on the toysurus HK site, pretty expensive to get ; don't know if someone managed to won it.
  • timmeyhtimmeyh BelgiumMember Posts: 20
    its 500 HKD I assume so +- 53EUR
  • kevinlevinskevinlevins ItalyMember Posts: 8
    @timmeyh yes you're right, my mistake, 53 eur is more reasonable
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