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Reddish Brown Lego ... Recipe for anxiety?

Has anyone else had issues with this color? I love brown, it is such a great thing for trees and wood floors and just everything BUT.... I cannot take apart anything with a fair amount of brown added without splintering, snapping or just disintegrating a reddish brown plate, tile, cheese slope and now as of today for the first time ever... a brick! Brick separators seem to actually make it worse on this color only for me so I stick to the tried and true destroy a fingernail technique and gently pry it at all edges until it falls apart. 

The stress is double for me... I stress about the piece breaking as I disassemble something... I also stress about the one fingernail I Ignore at grooming time to separate lego. I am an army specialist who works on computers, can you imagine if an officer looks down at me typing and see's my homemade brick seporator?? "Uh well Sir/Ma'am I need to grow that one to separate my reddish brown lego as it seems far more brittle then the other colors!". 

Today a 4 x 6 plate and 1 x 3 brick paid the price of todays disassembling as well as my nail... I should not have to line up 21 storm troopers with blasters and scream pew pew every time reddish brown needs to be put away!

Anyone else have this problem??


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