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FS, eBay auction, NISB sets: Palace Cinema, Nebulon-B, Gingerbread House (mini), more...

tedsaidtedsaid Member Posts: 23
Hi, all!

I am selling 4-5 sets on eBay currently, and will post some more soon as well.  I see I can post sets for direct sell here, too, so maybe I will do that.  I am lining up quite a few for selling, to fund Christmas presents this year.  A lot of Star Wars, Creator, and promotional sets.  Here is what I have so far:

10232 Palace Cinema NISB - This is a BEAUTIFUL set and I hate to see it go.  The box is so unwieldy, there are a few dents just from shipping from Lego.  But it's unopened and complete, and looks to be a fun build.  Current bid: $45

77904 Star Wars Nebulon-B NISB - A very cool SDCC Limited Edition set.  This was intended to be available at the San Diego Comic Con.  Due to Covid, it was sold - briefly - in the online store instead.  I heard it was only available in North America, but don't know for sure.  Current bid: $63

40337 Gingerbread House (Mini Limited Edition) NISB - A promotional giveaway from last year, not to be confused with set #10267.  As with the others, the box is new and factory sealed.  Current bid: $26

40293 Christmas Carousel NISB - Another promotional giveaway, this one from 2018.  A very cool little build!  And perfect for the holidays.  Current bid: $8.50.

I read the forum rules, but if I've missed any rules or norms, please let me know and I will fix it right away!  For example, it *appears* I can/should promote eBay auctions here (instead of the "Buying & Selling Topics" subforum), but perhaps here should be only for direct sales?  I see a few eBay FS posts over there, but if I'm reading it right, those were a mistake?

Well.  I think this is right.  It didn't occur to me to try to sell directly first!  Maybe I can do that with some others. 

Other sets that I have queued up to sell but haven't posted yet: The VIP "store" promotional set (40718), Hidden Side Juice Bar (40336), Minifigure Factory (no number, pictured below), Space Rocket Ride (40335) promotional set (pictured below), the red 2x4 "Brick" set (also below), the Creator Mini Double Decker Bus (40220), the Millennium Falcon Microfighter (75193), Christmas Gift Box (40292) promotional set (not sure about selling this one ... I think it's really cool, and it is still affordable.  The juice might not be worth the squeeze, you know?), Hans Christian Andersen Storybook (40291 - same), and some Star Wars promotional sets: 40407 Death Star II Battle, 75262 Imperial Dropship, and the Super-cool 40333 Battle of Hoth 20th Anniversary Edition.

Thoughts or interest?  Other sets you are looking for?  I mostly buy Creator, Creator Expert, Ideas, and Star Wars.


  • tedsaidtedsaid Member Posts: 23
    Apologies for not putting [US] in the title.  I misunderstood the procedure and thought the system would add my location automatically.  Anyway, I will be adding some more sets this week for BIN, but will likely change those to auctions, too.

    Thanks for looking!
  • tedsaidtedsaid Member Posts: 23
    Hi, all.  The auction ends tonight.  I've also added a few sets in the Fixed Price category, including the Detective's Office and the very popular Christmas Tree.  Check them out!
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