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Lego Powered Up in A Real Machine

CyberdragonCyberdragon Maryland, U.S.AMember Posts: 521
I'm not a fan of Powered Up or the newfangled "smart" electronics from Lego as you may have noticed from my ranting about the problems with the new systems (from an electronics hobbyist standpoint). However, I've noticed people are actually making third party accessories for PU (and converters between PU and PF and wantnot), so I'm not conserned as much anymore since it seems just as hackable/modable as PF.

This on a whole new level. This has to be one of the most epic things ever done with Technic, right up there with the full sized Lego cars. Now I'm interested.

If anyone knows of any additional/extended footage of this or more info on how this was done beyond "we stuck Lego onto the controls", please let me know.


  • stluxstlux LuxembourgMember Posts: 2,393
    edited November 2020
    This was done by Sariel; TLG also included a link to his longer video on their page: 
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