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Did anyone else see this? Administrator Posts: 1,218,884
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Did anyone else see this?

LEGO has implemented a virtual queueing system on its website, just in time for the busiest time of year.

I took the screenshot at about 23:30 GMT last night but then didn't see it again when placing an order just after midnight, and I don't think anyone has mentioned it in the comments to the other article so presumably the server isn't under too much stress this weekend.

While we are on the subject of website traffic, Brickset was exceedingly busy night after we revealed the 2021 sets. We were among the first to do so, I think. Can you guess how many concurrent users there were at 8pm, and how many pages per second were being served?

Find out after the break...

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  • timmeyhtimmeyh Member Posts: 20
    edited November 2020
    Yes around the same time: 00:10-00:20 CET.  Even had some issues with "determing which place I was in line :D" I had the following screen for half a minute before I was 1800th-something in line.

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