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10267 (Gingerbread House) ever in stock?

Apologies if this is in the wrong place, but I'm going nuts trying to find 10267 at a proper price.  Has it ever come back in stock at since last year?  I had plans to buy it this season, but I've checked on an off every month or so and it's always out of stock.  Any tips on how to get this set at non-scalper prices?  I've tried CamelCamelCamel, NowInStock... they all give mixed results.  Are there any known patterns for when Lego releases new stock for Christmas sets?


  • wrangler6915wrangler6915 USA - Lincoln NEMember Posts: 524
    I can't speak to patterns but I do know that is was in stock this summer (July 24th, to be specific) on [email protected]  I hate to say it, but it will likely be after the holidays, if at all, before it comes back in stock.  I seem to recall a similar situation last year - it was sold out around Thanksgiving and wasn't back in stock for quite a while.  
  • Ra226Ra226 Member Posts: 20
    I'd be ok waiting, I just don't want to miss it completely.  Thanks for the input, guess I'll just keep watching the tracking websites.
  • mic27mic27 Massachusetts, USAMember Posts: 15
    I've also been waiting. It's been out of stock since September I think, so I figured it would at least come back in stock once, but now I'm losing hope
  • autolycusautolycus US-SEMember Posts: 1,260
    It should definitely be back at some point. It might or might not be in 2020 though. It is expected to retire in 2021, based on the usual pattern for WV sets.
  • Switchfoot55Switchfoot55 The Northwest, USAMember Posts: 2,736
    If you have a nearby LEGO Store, you could consider checking there? One of the near stores to me had plenty on the shelf when I was last there. 

    Best wishes for you and finding the set. It really is a fun addition to the WV!
  • karritkarrit USAMember Posts: 676
    I've only seen it "In Stock" online less than a handful of times this year.  Once was for a day or two in the spring & once for about a week some time in the last month and as already mentioned also briefly in September.  I second checking the stock for your local LEGO store if you have one and then calling to see if they actually have it and can hold it for you to pick up.  That's how I got mine last year.
  • Ra226Ra226 Member Posts: 20
    edited December 2020
    Update: it came in stock according to an email I received at 6am.  I didn't see it until 7.30pm and it's out of stock again.  Ridiculous.  I even redeemed $20 worth of VIP points just before checking only to find I now have nothing to spend them on.  The demand for this set has been obvious for over a year, I don't know why they aren't making more of it.
    Meanwhile, I can only hope it appears again before my voucher expires.  Because those digital bits, they only have so long a shelf-life before they start to decay...
    Oh and was useless.  It still hasn't shown the set as having been available.  Recommend people looking for an in-stock alert look elsewhere.
  • autolycusautolycus US-SEMember Posts: 1,260
    Try Brickhound’s text notifications. Also, I know my local store is getting some tomorrow, so it’s worth checking store stock if you have any nearby.
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