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Selling dozens of Friends series sets

peredpered Member Posts: 9
Hello everyone.  I'm new here.  My kid and I are looking to sell a large collection of friends series legos.
We are north of Houston, in Texas.

I have been reading through threads and sticky to see what is normal process here.  I see a lot of "is anyone interested" type threads so posting one of those first. That's what this one is.  Thanks for checking it out.

First, we are only selling sets that are complete and that we have nice condition manuals for.  We have re-assembled every set, stocked them with appropriate mini-figures, taken picture(s), logged the set # and then 'bagged' in a paper sack that is labeled and stapled.  Everything else went into a very heavy misc  bag that we'll sell at the end.

It doesn't seem like I'm seeing many images posted on the threads, but I have them for when it comes up.
So we have plenty of pictures to show each set is complete and with manual(s).  We have no boxes.

We have arranged them into groups. For example, we would like to sell our 11 Disney themed sets in one lot.  The sets range from little ones to large and hard to find.  I will post a new thread listing out what we have, but gauging interest and feedback here. In a nutshell, here's what we have, almost all friends theme.
  • 11 Disney Friends type
  • 4 Travel type (Grand Hotel, Airport)
  • 6 City type sets
  • 3 Horse/ranch sets
  • 18 Neighborhood (a lot of houses, the high school)
  • 4 Jungle theme
  • 11 Carnival (Roller Coaster, Pizza cafe, bumper cars, hotdog stand, etc)
  • 6 Beach Theme (cruise ship, a coast guard ship, etc)

We think some things go together well.  I think the 11 Disney sets paired with the 11 Carnival and 4 Travel types make for a neat Disney World.  We think the City and neighborhood sets work well together too.  But, whatever.


  • peredpered Member Posts: 9
    Doesn't seem like much interest in the friends lego line.  
    Maybe I worded things terribly :) lol
    Thanks for looking.
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